Why is there intense animosity between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova?

“When the match ended, she came up and hugged me. Serena said something like: I played well and smiled. However, in her heart, Serena didn’t really see it that way,” said the former player. World No. 1 tennis player Maria Sharapova told in her autobiography “Unstoppable: My Life So Far”.

Sharapova wrote a lot of bad things about Serena in her autobiography. Their hatred for each other grew over time. The press believes that the Williams sisters have not liked Masha since 2004, when the American star lost to her opponent in the Wimbledon final.

Vì sao Serena Williams và Maria Sharapova lại căm ghét nhau? - Ảnh 1.
Sharapova created a shock at Wimbledon 2004 when she defeated Serena in the final.

Serena is said to be angry after losing to Masha in England. “Not long after that year’s tournament, I heard Serena tell a friend and that person told me: I will never lose again,” Masha revealed in her autobiography.

Twice Serena cursed Masha. If the first story has not been verified, the American tennis player’s muttering in the 2017 Australian Open final clearly demonstrates the hatred for Sharapova, who just retired in February 2020.

In front of a large audience in the land of kangaroos, Serena cursed at her opponent during a soccer match. “Bitch”, Serena exclaimed after being hit by a ball from Masha, the tennis player was said to be very frustrated because she was leading 0-5 in the first set.

Tennis is a noble sport and every shot aimed at the opponent must often be accompanied by a sign of apology. Sharapova was polite to Serena. She gestured to apologize, but that didn’t seem to make the American tennis player feel appeased.

It’s true that Serena hates Masha. Even the American tennis player’s husband Alexis Ohanian has no sympathy for “Russian Doll”. At the 2019 US Open, Ohanian mocked Masha as a “cheater” by wearing a T-shirt with the word “DARE” while cheering in the stands.

This is a play on words to attack players who have used stimulants in competition. In 2016, Sharapova received a ban from competition because of a positive doping test result. The Russian tennis player clarified that he uses medicine containing meldonium to solve cardiovascular problems. No one listens to Masha, and she is truly a “cheat”.

Vì sao Serena Williams và Maria Sharapova lại căm ghét nhau? - Ảnh 3.
Sharapova said that Serena hates her because she defeated this player in the 2004 Wimbledon final.

There exists an irreconcilable hatred between Serena and Masha, so they always find ways to attack each other. In 2013, Serena mocked Masha when she was dating tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, who once dated the American tennis player.

Serena said: “Every time she gives an interview, she always repeats: I’m very happy, I’m very lucky. That’s so boring. She’s not even invited to cool parties. If you want to stop dating someone else’s ex, just do it.”

Sharapova is also not average. “Russian Doll” responded inappropriately to Serena for dating coach Patrick Mouratoglou. “If she wants to bring up personal matters, it’s best to talk about her relationship with her boyfriend. Isn’t he married, in the process of divorcing, and has children? “” Masha retorted to her colleague.

On the football field and in life behind the scenes, Sharapova and Serena have both faced off. In her autobiography, Sharapova mentioned Serena’s name 106 different times. Those are all bad words. In the end, she concluded: “We can’t be friends”.

What is the origin of the hatred between Masha and Serena?

“People always wonder why I always have problems with Serena? I only beat her twice and lost 20 matches. In my opinion, the answer lies in the dressing room,” Sharapova shared.

Masha continued: “She hated me because I was the skinny girl who beat her in the 2004 Wimbledon final. My victory overturned all predictions. Most of all, I think she hated me because I listened saw her crying. Serena will never forgive me for that.”

Vì sao Serena Williams và Maria Sharapova lại căm ghét nhau? - Ảnh 4.
The hatred between the two players has no end.

The details in Sharapova’s autobiography should not have been brought to light. Serena herself admitted that. She told the BBC : “I cried in the dressing room many times after the loss. Everyone saw that. I think what happened should stay there and not necessarily be put in the book in a way that doesn’t take anything.” What’s cool?”.

Serena confessed that she had no grudge against Masha, but was a bit disappointed by what she heard in the Russian tennis player’s autobiography. Everything may have been cleared up. The hatred between the two players comes from facts that exist in the locker room. Sharapova, with her autobiography, is said to have sparked a rare war in the tennis industry.

The Telegraph commented that rivalry in the tennis industry, especially between female players, is very rare. But with Serena and Masha, people see a war that has existed for more than a decade. Hateful and never able to heal, that’s what people say about these two people.

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