Video: LeBron James’ Hilarious Reaction to Becoming the Oldest Player in NBA History

Not only is LeBron James preparing to enter the 21st season of his career, he will also become the oldest player in the NBA in the 2023-24 season. “The King” is 38 years old and will turn 39 on December 30.

When asked about “how it feels to be the oldest player in the NBA” during a practice session with his teammates, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar had a quite humorous reaction.

He looked scared before running into the yard and dunking a basket in excitement.

Besides LeBron James at age 38 and about to turn 39, the list of oldest NBA players also has two other names: Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns) and PJ Tucker (Philadelphia 76ers), both 38 years old but younger than LeBron. months.

One thing in common is that despite being in different environments, all three are looking forward to the final years of their careers pursuing an NBA championship ring.

LeBron James is currently 38 years old and will be the oldest player in the NBA next season

LeBron James will continue to play the leading role of the Los Angeles Lakers, aiming for the 17th championship trophy in the club’s history.

PJ Tucker is not as influential as James, but he will bring his excellent defensive ability to help the Philadelphia 76ers.

As for Chris Paul, he just got involved in a blockbuster transfer to Golden State. Here, “point god” will be Stephen Curry’s teammate to find the first ring of his career.

Chris Paul in a Golden State Warriors shirt at pre-season Media Day

Coming back to LeBron James, age does not slow down the superstar born in 1984 as he is still one of the best basketball players in the world at the moment.

In the 2022-23 Regular Season, the “king” averaged 28.9 points with 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game. This form was maintained in the Playoffs round, where LeBron continued to play impressively to bring Lakers to the Western finals series.

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