Unveiling the Enigmatic Connection: Delonte West’s Intriguing Relationship with LeBron James’s Mother and the Tragic Conclusion of an NBA Star

Delonte West, one of the players with the most thrilling anecdotes in the NBA. He played for 8 years in the NBA in the colors of the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics (current Oklahoma City Thunder), Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks.

As a highly rated defender in the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet, Delonte West is not remembered by fans for his top performances on the court. People often talk about him with the story a reference to LeBron James’ mother.

Delonte West, thực hư câu chuyện quan hệ với mẹ LeBron James và cái kết buồn của một ngôi sao NBA - Ảnh 1.

Delonte West’s rather complicated relationship with LeBron James and Gloria James.

Delonte West, has had a complicated relationship with Gloria James, LeBron James’ mother. That’s something NBA fans know or at least have heard of. The story is still one of the noisiest scandals related to LeBron James, but there is no exact answer.

According to recorded information, LeBron James discovered the incident before the fourth match in the 2010 Playoff series between the Cavaliers and Celtics took place. The NBA’s number one superstar somehow learned that his mother was having an affair with Delonte West, who a year earlier was his teammate with the Cavaliers.

Standing in front of an opponent, a former teammate, and someone who had a relationship with his mother, LeBron James was then said to have lost his competitive spirit, somewhat affecting the team’s playing style in matches. remaining match.

After the match, the incident was discussed by many people and was a story that shook the entire tournament at that time. Although he firmly denied it, LeBron James played extremely poorly in the match at that time, making many people believe that his mother’s “young pilot flying an old woman” love story was real. And that greatly affected this star’s performance in the 2010 Playoffs series.

In an interview in 2014, Delonte West made this old story warm up again and was almost a confirmation of his relationship with Gloria James.

“I didn’t name my son after me because I didn’t want him to become a joke to his friends because of the things his father did,” Delonte West shared with Vice Sports in 2014.

The years in the Cleveland Cavaliers were also the time when Delonte West reached the peak of his career.

With Delonte’s answer, fans all thought that the former player at that time did not want his son to go to school and had to receive questions like whether your father slept with LeBron James’ mother or not. That’s also the reason why West named his son Cash West.

Before getting into love trouble with LeBron James’ mother, Delonte West was also involved in charges related to weapon possession and speeding. In 2009, while using drugs and participating in traffic, Delonte West was discovered by the police carrying 3 guns and a dagger.

In July 2010, the court ordered Delonte West to serve two years of house arrest. During the above mentioned period, the Boston Celtics defender then had to participate in 40 hours of community service, attend counseling sessions with a psychologist and be monitored by an electronic monitor for about 8 months.

Delonte West, thực hư câu chuyện quan hệ với mẹ LeBron James và cái kết buồn của một ngôi sao NBA - Ảnh 4.

Last images of Delonte West in the NBA wearing the Dallas Mavericks shirt. At the time his contract was liquidated by the Dallas football team, the reason given was that Delonte West did not comply with the team’s discipline, the root cause was not disclosed.

Delonte West ended his years of playing at a high level with the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011-2012 season. He then wandered to China to seek back the remaining glory of the CBA tournament, but with a history of bipolar disorder, Delonte West could not last long here.

Recently, Delonte West also received a lot of attention from fans after a clip of him being beaten in the middle of the street and having to be handcuffed with his skinny body hanging on the sidewalk of Washington Street was posted. Not long ago, Delonte West also appeared outside a supermarket looking like a homeless person.

The pitiful image of former basketball player Delonte West caused a storm on social networks in early 2020.

During his years playing in the NBA, Delonte West earned more than 16 million USD (equivalent to 460 billion VND). However, he himself is always in a state of poverty, partly due to his weakness in controlling spending.

However, unlike some other stars in the NBA who have become broke because they just like to enjoy themselves, Delonte West is not like that. He makes money and uses it to bring a better life to his family..

Delonte West bought 3 houses for his parents and brother, and the former NBA star even paid for his mother, Delphina Addison’s education, to help her get a Master’s degree in social studies from Howard University. As for the family’s youngest sister, Delonte West also took full care of her, helping her have a comfortable time while she was in school before starting her own career.

Although he looks shabby, Delonte West is actually not homeless. According to Delonte West’s relatives, the most difficult thing for this former player is that dangerous disease. There is a house to live in, a job to do, and relatives and friends who care, but Delonte West did not choose that way of life. That shows how scary the neurological disease has devastated Delonte West.

Delonte West was discovered jumping under an overpass in December 2019.

Previously, Delonte West also received offers of financial help from a number of team owners in the NBA as well as the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), however his choice was This former player is in denial.

At the present time, Delonte West’s illness has recovered somewhat, but he still needs regular checkups. He lives with his mother in Maryland and works with his brother. As for his wife and children, it is reported that they both live in Dallas, Texas, USA.

From a recognized star at the tournament, the above images cannot help but make fans feel heartbroken and sad. The scandals behind the ring and the mental instability caused by a terrible neurological disease caused Delonte West to retire from his playing career at a young age. Now, even though they don’t want to, that’s how fans remember Delonte West, who was once a teammate of LeBron James.

Delonte West, thực hư câu chuyện quan hệ với mẹ LeBron James và cái kết buồn của một ngôi sao NBA - Ảnh 7.

Regardless of the true story behind it, perhaps Delonte West is the person who regrets the most about the relationship he had with LeBron James.

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