Unveiling Natalia Bryant’s Inspiring Journey: From Daughter of Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant to 20-Year-Old Model Extraordinaire

In 2020, while Natalia was a teenager, she endured the unimaginable loss of her father, Kobe, and sister, Gianna. But she and her sisters Capri and Bianka, as well as their mother Vanessa Bryant, have triumphed.


One of the Bryant daughters is a professional model and a student at USC.

In addition, she is making an effort to pay tribute to her sister and father. “Continually embodying and cherishing the many lessons he has taught me is one of the greatest joys of my life,” Natalia said during a ceremony remembering Kobe in March 2023.

In 2021, Natalia wore a cap bearing a quotation from the basketball great that read, “Everything negаtive — pressure, challenges — is all an opportunity for me to rise.” This way, she carried a little piece of his legacy with her as she graduated from high school.

Here is all the information you need to know about Natalia Bryant, from her strong familial ties to her successful modeling career.]


She was born to Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and is their eldest daughter.

January 19, 2003 was the birthdate of Natalia Bryant. Kobe and Vanessa have one daughter, and she’s the firstborn. Capri was born in June 2019, six months before Kobe and Gianna were murdered in a helicopter tragedy. Her older sisters Gianna and Bianka were born in May 2006 and December 2016, respectively.


“I enjoy discussing my father,” Natalia confided in Teen Vogue. “It’s bittersweet, but I enjoy talking about him more than it’s sad for me.”

You perform to the best of your ability,” she went on to sаy. We are doing our best to preserve that memory for my younger sisters. Additionally, I’m making an effort to live each day in the same manner they would.

Vanessa spoke highly of her daughter in a March 2021 interview with PEOPLE, praising her for watching care for her younger sisters even as she forges her own way in the world.

“On top of her own grief, she has balanced her senior year of high school, applying to colleges, nurturing her sisters, and just recently signing her own modeling contract with IMG,” she said, referring to Natalia as her “right-hand woman.”

“She is a wonderful big sister and an incredible daughter.”

Kobe cherished his role as a girl dad and was constantly pleased with his girls. “My friends sаy, ‘It takes a real man to make a boy,’ “hailed he in 2017. It takes a monarch to create a princess, so you better get in line, I’m telling you. Because they are Daddy’s little princesses, I think it’s cool.

She is doing her best to honor her late parents and sister.

In a December 2022 Vogue video, Natalia opened up about something very personal: the bracelets that honor Kobe and Gianna.

“This is a necklace that says ‘Slim,’” stated the woman. I went by that nаme when I was a kid. I felt absolutely ecstatic. The nаme Slim was on every one of my jerseys. It took me till I was older to fit into the shirts. Therefore, Slim was the nаme my dad would give me.

A foundation established in honor of Kobe and Gianna, the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation, is the source of the second necklace she wears daily. The caption reads, “Dedication makes dreams come true,” which Natalia kindly explained. This is a quote that my dad gave me. So, it’s my guiding principle.


During the 2023 March unveiling of Kobe’s handprints at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre, Natalia addressed her father’s memory head-on.

“Dad, you’re an icon, a legend, the storyteller, and most importantly, the best girl dad any young woman could ever dream of,” stated the young woman. It is a privilege to speak on behalf of you and our family; you have our utmost admiration. You are loved by us for all time. To Mommy, Capri, Natalia, Gianna, and Bianka, with love.

Natalia was the one toss the first pitch at the annual “Lakers Night” event hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in September 2023. She wore a Dodgers jersey with her dad’s Lakers numbers—8 and 24—embroidered on it as a tribute to him.

In a January 2024 interview with Town & Country, she also discussed the significance of continuing her father’s work.

“As far as leaving a legacy is concerned, my primary objective is to maximize my potential,” Natalia stated, emphasizing the importance of always learning since there is no endpoint. Persevere, be the greatest version of yourself, and take everything in like a sponge. No task is ever complete.

For the fashion industry, she poses.

Natalia joined with IMG Models in 2021, the year she turned 18.

“I have always been interested in fashion since a very young age,” Natalia stated in a statement uploaded on IMG’s Instagram account. I have always wаnted to be a model, and my passion for the industry has only grown over the years. Even though I have a lot to learn, I see this as a fantastic chance to expand my knowledge and develop my creative abilities.

Upon signing the deal, she had her mom’s whole backing.

By adding the message, “Daddy would be so happy that you’re pursuing your modeling career now that you’re 18,” Vanessa enhanced an Instagram photo of her eldest daughter. “Your beauty radiates from the inside out.  “We love you.”

Natalia first appeared on the catwalk in September 2023 at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week.

Ahead of the big day, she spoke to Vogue about her gratitude and pride at being invited to be a part of something so unique by Donatella Versace. She genuinely put me at ease by being kind and friendly. Having the chance to meet her put my fears to rest.

Now she’s off to college.

The University of Southern California welcomed Natalia in August of 2021, and she is now a sophomore there. “Today was rough,” her mom confessed on the day of drop-off.

As Natalia received acceptance letters from schools including UC Irvine, NYU, Loyola Marymount, and Oregon, she shared them on social media during the acceptance process.

Vanessa shared a heartfelt letter of congrats on her acceptance to USC.

It was all worthwhile because of your effort and commitment. “You succeeded after pushing through the most terrible pаin you can imagine,” she posted on Instagram. I know that Daddy and Gigi are celebrating with us in spirit, but I still miss having them here in person. You meаn the world to us!

She has friendships with some famous people.

In April of 2022, Natalia attended the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.

With the message “Had the most amazing time this weekend celebrating the love of two of the sweetest people I know ️,” she posted a photo to Instagram while dressed in a teal gown. How kind of you to have me here today, Nicola and Brooklyn. You two are deeply cherished.

Ciara and La La Anthony are some of Natalia’s mom’s closest friends, and they’re always hаnging out. Ciara posted a video of herself, Natalia, and Anthony playing football in 2020.

“The Girls Taking The W…. As We Should,” Natalia captioned her Instagram post.

Timothée Chalamet seems to be her friend as well. Both of them, along with Ciara, posed for a photo during the Met Gala in 2021. In 2022, at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, the actress and model reconnected once more.

It is her mother who serves as her inspiration.

For Mother’s Day in April of 2021, Natalia and Vanessa were featured in an ad campaign by Bulgari.

“Shares an intimate glance into their special relationship, revealing how they inspire, motivate and empower one another,” the press release reads of the mother-daughter duo’s short film, A Mother’s Legacy.

According to Natalia’s interview with Vogue, her mother instilled in her daughter “confidence and that beauty comes from the inside first” throughout the years. “Be happy, confident, and like who I am, my principles, and my beliefs; beauty fades with time. That has unquestionably contributed to my personal development.

Natalia finds that she and Vanessa have a passion for meaningful time together. Bianka, Capri, and the mother-daughter pair went on a summer vacation to Spain in 2023. On Instagram, the pleased mother posted images of the family posing on a cobblestone street, as well as shots of the delicious local food and stunning scenery.

Red carpet appearances are becoming her norm.

Natalia donned an asymmetrical bronze gown as she strutted down the red carpet at the Babylon premiere in December 2022. The Met Gala and the 2022 CDFA Awards were also on her itinerary, where she wore a gown personally selected by Anna Wintour.

In a question and answer session with her modeling agency, IMG, she stated, “I love how fashion inspires different people from different cultures and different parts of the country.” So she did. “You can gain inspiration from everywhere and anyone, and I think that’s the most beautiful part about fashion is that you can find inspiration anywhere.”

Beyoncé employs her as an intern.

Natalia, an intern at Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment record label and management organization, was among the many names revealed by Beyoncé in May 2023 when she announced the entire Renaissance World Tour crew.

Natalia has collaborated with Beyoncé before, making an appearance in the singer’s Ivy Park ad for November 2021.

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