Spousal Support Takes an Unexpected Turn: Djokovic’s Wife’s Waterworks Before Wimbledon Final

On Instagram Story , Djokovic’s wife posted a video of her holding a glass of water and splashing it at her husband as he left the rented house in Wimbledon district, London, and went to the car to prepare for the All England Club to warm up for the 2023 Wimbledon finals with Carlos Alcaraz. Carrying a large and small bag on his shoulder, Nole turned his head and smiled to look at his wife and children. His son Stefan then ran after his father.

Wife splashed water to wish Nole luck in the Wimbledon final

“Good luck Novak”, beautiful Jelena captioned the video. The Sun said that splashing water behind someone when they start a trip is a traditional wish of luck in Serbia – the home country of Novak Djokovic and his wife. Jelena and her two children were then present in the stands to cheer him on in the final.

Novak Djokovic and fellow beauty Jelena have been together for nearly 20 years. The two got married in 2014 and welcomed a boy Stefan (9 years old) and a girl Tara (6 years old). Nole’s wife used to work as a model and is currently the CEO of the foundation named after her husband.

Djokovic’s wife was in the stands at Center Court cheering for her husband in the Wimbledon final against Alcaraz on July 16. Photo: The Sun

But luck was not on Nole’s side in the final against an opponent 16 years younger than him yesterday. Novak Djokovic showed superiority in the first set by winning quickly 6-1 in more than 30 minutes. In the second set, which lasted twice as long, the two players struggled for each point, but in the end, Carlos Alcaraz won 7-6. The Spaniard went up 2-1 after winning the third set 6-1. In set 4, Nole won again 6-3, sending the match into a deciding set of 5.

In the final set, Nole got angry and smashed his racket against the net post, causing it to break because he lost a point. In this match, the Serbian tennis player was somewhat exhausted and his mentality was not as strong as before. Alcaraz won 6-4 in set 5, winning 3-2 overall. In their encounter in the semi-finals of Roland Garros last month, Djokovic beat Alcaraz 3-1 but this time, he could not defeat the junior who is considered Rafael Nadal’s successor.

On the podium receiving the silver disc for the runner-up, Djokovic burst into tears with emotion. He admitted that his opponent played better even though it was not easy to “swallow this loss”. The defeat against Alcaraz prevented Djokovic from winning Wimbledon for the fifth time in a row, equaling the record of eight victories in this tournament. His ambition to win all four Grand Slams in the same year was also shattered.

Djokovic (left) lost his heart and soul to young Carlos Alcaraz. Photo: AFP

Novak Djokovic was born in 1987 and is a world-famous Serbian tennis player. He is leading the list of male tennis players who have won the most Grand Slam titles with 23 times. Djokovic holds a record of 389 weeks at world number one and has ended the year with this position 7 times. Nole, Nadal and Federer are the trio that has changed the tennis world for the past two decades. Djokovic is still persistent in playing while Federer has retired, Nadal is struggling with injury and plans to hang up his racket next year.

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