Sharapova Shares Secrets to a Stunning Physique

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has just shared about keeping her figure in Self Magazine.

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Accordingly, Masha revealed that she attaches great importance to her daily diet. She also shared a detailed daily menu to have good physical strength when competing and maintain a neat figure.

‘Russian Doll’ says: “It’s important to balance carbohydrates and protein. In the morning, I usually have fruit, then barley with goat cheese toast and a piece of meat. ham.

When entering tournaments, I eat very little sugary foods. Goat cheese will help me digest better than butter. At noon, I eat more protein with chicken and soup. Being Russian, I really like soup. In the evening, I will eat salmon, sea bass, rice and potatoes.”

Maria Sharapova Teams With Riccardo Tisci on a U.S. Open Dress | Vogue

Not only does Sharapova compete well and win many titles, she also attracts many advertising shows thanks to her attractive body and pretty face. This is also thanks to her scientific nutrition regimen.

Maria Sharapova advances to French Open semi-finals

However, Sharapova herself does not attach too much importance to her physique but pays more attention to her competition results. She said: “When I compete, I don’t think about what people say about my body. I also don’t mind that the sun will darken my skin.”

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