Serena Williams Exits Tennis: The Everlasting Legacy of the Queen

Legends never disappear, because time gives them shelter in memory. Serena Williams has left an indelible mark on the sports world. Her image is on the list of the greatest names of all time, helping to enhance the discipline with a global reach.

Serena Williams says goodbye to tennis

There is no doubt that Serena is a legend, someone whose influence extends far beyond tennis to a level only very few individuals can achieve. The player with the most Grand Slams in the Open Era walked away with unmatched numbers.

“She is at the peak of Michael Jordan and LeBron James [two of the best basketball players] , of Tom Brady [football] . Serena is one of the greatest athletes in history. She “She is an extraordinary tennis player, but above all, she is an icon” , praised John McEnroe, owner of 7 Grand Slams.

Almost all are unanimous in describing Serena Williams as a transcendent, complex, demanding and even radical figure.

In every case, she serves as a reference for even the fiercest competitors. Winning for her, over the past two decades, has been like a daily routine.

At the age of 3, Williams picked up a racket and since then she has continued to break stereotypes, first as a child prodigy, then as a fierce champion, then as a rebellious businesswoman and mother .

Serena’s tennis career, in fact her life, has been characterized by specialness from the beginning.

Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, those who knew Serena said that the city of Compton was always close to her heart. One of her sisters was shot dead there. From there, an important turning point happened: she always carried a strong fire within herself.

Following in the footsteps of her sister Venus, an icon and important figure for equality, Serena is a key link in the development of tennis.

Serena is a symbol of strength

She changed her style of play to much more aggressive tennis, with all-around hardness, and quickly became the dominant player on the courts. Possessing special charisma, Serena plays with natural claws, and it doesn’t take long to become an absolute power.

Strength and self-defense

“In the locker room, Serena and Venus always have difficulty walking, in a sense,” shared a tennis player who knows the two sisters. “It’s clear that she’s special, has special behaviors, and that definitely gets Williams where she wants to go” .

Since childhood, Serena and Venus were repeatedly threatened by their presence. From there, the self-defense mechanism appears.

Many times the sisters walked through the hallways and if others didn’t leave, Serena would not hesitate to throw them a racket bag, or give them a challenging look. That action replaces saying: “We have arrived, we are here and no one can stop us” .

An anonymous famous coach emphasized Serena’s arrogance: “They have their own rules, they are always aloof. In some situations, they act in a specific way, certainly due to upbringing youth.

But if you ignore this, just in terms of sports, we are talking about one of the best tennis players in history with a unique personality .

Great modern fortress

Family had a major impact on Williams’ career. Serena’s father, Richard, molded her, crushed her childhood and unleashed an aggressive machine.

But mother Oracene and her sisters – of course, and their inseparable dogs – play important roles in keeping her beautiful soul, nurturing her desire to win and win. major awards: 23 Grand Slams , 73 singles titles and 23 doubles titles, along with many other victories, such as 4 Olympic gold medals (one singles), and 319 weeks at the top of the world rankings.

No matter where she goes or where she is, Serena is always very recognizable. Hand in hand with Venus, they always fought together and became a historic couple.

“Serena’s Last Dance” , the WTA organization honored Williams before the 2022 US Open, an event where she stopped in the third round.

The WTA has a mission to promote women’s competition, and its top priority is protecting the rights of female tennis players. Serena Williams becomes a better reference than anyone else.

Serena and her sister Venus

Serena – a follower of the Jehovah religion (Vietnamese transliteration: Jehovah’s Witnesses) – is a bastion of ideology, media and commerce. For the American girl, the contracts are constantly multiplying. She herself is paid equally by sponsors compared to her male colleagues.

23,859 New York spectators were present to witness her final match last Saturday, a record. Serena receives $45 million in sponsorships each year, along with more than $94 million in prize money from tennis alone (94,739,080 USD to be exact), more than double any of her peers.

“She means a lot to tennis in general; not just for women, but also for men. Serena has transcended sports and brought tennis to television in countries before “There is very little concern here” , Mats Wilander, former world number 1 from Sweden, with 7 Grand Slams in men’s singles, highly appreciates the girl who is about to turn 41 (September 26).

“If it weren’t for her and Venus, I wouldn’t have become a tennis player,” Serena’s compatriot, Coco Gauff, admitted recently. “Before her there really wasn’t an icon like that [referring to Williams’ skin color] . Serena didn’t dominate for one or two generations, but for three generations, and that’s something no one has achieved” “ .

Coco Gauff, the 18-year-old girl, like Serena’s ambassador, is especially inspired by the tennis legend, especially her active role in the fight against racism.

More than an athlete

History is never erased, whether good or bad. Those who follow Serena cannot forget the black moment that she, Venus and her family suffered at Indian Wells in 2001. She defended her championship title after defeating Kim Clijsters, then was racially attacked.

“It’s hard for me to forget the hours spent crying in the Indian Wells locker room after winning in 2001, driving back to Los Angeles feeling as if I’d lost the biggest match ever. It’s not just a tennis match, it’s a bigger fight for equality,” Serena confided when returning to the tournament in California after 14 years of boycott.

“It was a day that embarrassed America,” father Richard Williams wrote in the book Black and White .

Serena is more than an athlete

After a 14-year absence, she returned and argued: “Now I’m ready. It’s time to say: We, as a people, as Americans, can be better.” . If your social position allows you to stand up and speak, to set an example, why not do it?” .

Naomi Osaka, a close friend of the youngest daughter in the Williams family and also a famous victim of racism from the American audience, praised: “She changed this sport. I’m so grateful to Serena. She is the greatest driving force in sports, the greatest person.”

Iga Swiatek, currently ranked number 1 in the women’s rankings, confessed: “I try to imitate the way Serena uses her position and how to become number one” .

“Serena is not just an athlete, she is also a legend, a great ambassador of our sport, who has broken records” , Rafael Nadal – owner of 22 Grand Slams, revered honor.

Serena’s sports journey has come to an end, but another long trip awaits her. Of course with family: “I built a home and now I want to develop it” .

The remaining void is huge, but Serena Williams’ legacy will live on forever.


Serena Williams: I want to be remembered as a warrior

After stopping at the 2022 US Open, Serena Williams withdrew from tennis, realizing that she was a very young warrior and wanted to discover a different version of herself.


Serena Williams empire: From tennis to business

Serena Williams, with a record of 23 Grand Slams in the Open era, will retire after the US Open. She spends time with her family and focuses on managing her own companies and assets worth $260 million.

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