Russian Doll: 6’2″ Beauty Enthusiast Dedicated to Massage and Anti-Aging Nutrition

"Bup The former Russian tennis player’s radiance on the court still makes fans interested.

The news that Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has just returned to play in a friendly match in Pickleball after a long period of retirement has received a lot of attention from fans. This time on the same team as John McEnroe and James Blake. This trio faces off against the legendary husband and wife team of Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi and Jack Sock. This tournament aims to promote Pickleball – a new sport combining tennis and table tennis.

Her images on the field were quickly shared in the media and sports forums. What interests fans most is the beauty of this former beauty of the tennis industry. At the age of U40, Maria Sharapova still maintains the slim, toned and healthy figure of a professional athlete even though she has been retired for nearly 4 years. Youthful and fresh beauty.

"Bup Maria Sharapova still maintains her youthful appearance and slim body at the age of 37.

Maria Sharapova (born 1987, in Russia) is a female tennis player with a beautiful appearance and a height of up to 1m88. Sharapova is fondly called by fans with the nickname “Tenis Doll”. However, this female star was forced to retire in 2020 due to constant injuries. However, Maria Sharapova’s name did not subside because of that. Information related to the current life of this former athlete always receives a lot of attention from the media and netizens. Currently, she focuses on business, occasionally appears at some fashion events, and spends time taking care of her family and enjoying life.

The Sun newspaper once commented on Maria Sharapova’s current life: “Forget the tennis legend. She is now a top businesswoman, making more money than ever. Journey from charming tennis player world’s hottest to global innovation entrepreneur is complete”.

"Bup"Bup Maria Sharapova diligently exercises and massages to improve her figure.

Once an athlete, Maria Sharapova paid great attention to training and building a scientific diet to maintain her beautiful figure. She practices a combination of different subjects such as gym, yoga, and pilates alternating about 5-6 sessions/week.

Maria Sharapova loves exercising in the morning, helping her gain fresh, vibrant energy for a long day of activity. In particular, sharing with Harpersbazaar, Maria Sharapova said that one of the secrets that has helped her maintain a beautiful figure over the years, helping her body relax and regenerate new energy every day is massaging and bathing with water. ice – hot water. ”I often add Epsom salt and lavender essential oil when bathing and massaging, it helps me reduce stress and fatigue, contributing to a slimmer figure,’ she shared.

At the age of U40, Maria Sharapova increased her intake of food groups rich in antioxidants from plants, especially berries, green vegetables, etc. This way of eating has been maintained by her for many years, helping her to The skin is smooth and the figure is slim. Besides, instead of eating many small meals during the day, she eats three full meals and has a snack in the afternoon.


In addition, she also has the habit of drinking tea in the afternoon. This is considered a beauty care method from within, good for both skin health and body shape, and has been trusted by Maria Sharapova for many years.

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