Patrick Mahomes Faces Fashion Critique While Socializing with Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic: Appears to Have Been Styled by Mom

Patrick Mahomes might be the best quarterback in the NFL as he and the Kansas City Chiefs reign supreme in football, but one thing he will be needing coaching tips on is fashion as fans brutally mock his outfit as he hangs out with Dirk Nowitzki as they watch Luka Doncic balling in the NBA.

Doncic took on the Denver Nuggets at the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks, and attracted a crowd of celebrities which included Mahomes and Nowitzki, the legendary power forward who serves as the Mavericks’ advisor.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs

The ex-NBA player, who stands at seven feet tall, wore a light blue sweater and black sweatpants with white and blue Jordans shoes. He also had a watch and a sports watch on his wrists and his outfit came together quite well.

But Mahomes found himself ridiculed for his clothing decisions, which included a blue Louis Vitton t-shirt and baggy light jeans with fans mocking him by suggesting that he was dressed like a child.

One fan said online, “Why Pat look like his mom dressed him up for his 1st day of middle school?”

Then came more, with a second writing, “Why does Patrick Mahomes look like a 2-D cut out in the second pic?”

Before a third added, “Mahomes looks like a little kid who just met Dirk.”

Doncic wasn’t actually the star of the night as the Mavericks edged out the Nuggets to the score of 107-105, with Kyrie Irving dropping 37-points on Nikola Jokic‘s team. Irving even nailed a shot on the buzzer in a dramatic game which saw the Mavericks improve their record to .574 with their 39th win of the campaign.

Some even went as far as suggesting his presence at the game indicated he wanted a trade away from the Chiefs to link up with CeeDee Lamb at the Dallas Cowboys.

Although with Mahomes having won his third Super Bowl ring in six seasons as a starter, we think he will not be swapping Missouri for Texas any time soon…

Mahomes to cowboys,” said another, before a fifth person added, “Mahomes wants to be a cowboy just sign ’em.”

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