NBA Former Champion Dominates Headlines, Links with A.dult Film Star Elsa Jean

NBA players with great physiques and financial resources are always a “gold mine” for many beautiful girls in the land of flowers. Unfortunately, their brief relationship sometimes leads to scandals or even fights. The story between former NBA champion Bryn Forbes and hot adult film actress Elsa Jean is the latest example.

“Cựu vương” NBA vùi hoa dập liễu ngôi sao phim người lớn Elsa Jean - Ảnh 1.
Elsa Jean with bruised eyes

For those readers who don’t follow closely, Bryn Forbes is a point guard who spent time playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves. Even players born in 1993 also contributed to the deer herd’s achievement of reaching the top of the world in 2021. The defender wearing shirt number 7 scored an average of 6.6 points with a 37% efficiency outside the three-point line.

Standing at the peak of glory with basketball, Forbes’ personal life is not as dreamlike. Even though he has two sons in 2013 and 2016, the defender born in 1993 still seems quite amorous. His newest lover and also his fiance is none other than the famous and beautiful adult film actress Elsa Jean. Unexpectedly, tragedy took place last Wednesday US time at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio.

“Cựu vương” NBA vùi hoa dập liễu ngôi sao phim người lớn Elsa Jean - Ảnh 2.
Bryn Forbes once showed a lot of promise in the NBA

According to an announcement from the local police agency, Bryn Forbes was arrested early Wednesday morning US time after suspicion of assault. The conclusion was made that the former NBA champion had beaten her fiance Elsa Jean “several times”, causing the victim to suffer injuries all over her body, especially her two bruised eyes, requiring her to use sunglasses. cover.

According to a source close to Elsa Jean provided to Daily Mail: “This is the first time Bryn Forbes and Elsa Jean have had a conflict. But in just one shot, her whole body was bruised. He beat her so many times that she became extremely frightened.” The police also confirmed after examination that Elsa Jean had been attacked more than once, causing injuries that required medical attention.

“Cựu vương” NBA vùi hoa dập liễu ngôi sao phim người lớn Elsa Jean - Ảnh 3.
Elsa Jean and the manager after the incident

According to Elsa Jean’s manager, Mr. James Mass, the source of this incident came from a conflict of interest between the couple. Mass said: “Since the day she met Forbes, Elsa stopped working in industrial adult films to focus on OnlyFans.”

“Her OnlyFans account quickly rose to prominence thanks to her beauty and inherent popularity. Not only that, her new podcast “Heartbreakers” was also quite successful. Bryn felt threatened by the guy who wanted her is the only one who is successful between the two sides,” Mass continued.

“Cựu vương” NBA vùi hoa dập liễu ngôi sao phim người lớn Elsa Jean - Ảnh 4.
Elsa Jean’s success worries Bryn Forbes

At this time, Elsa Jean decided to end her fiance with the former Milwaukee Bucks defender. However, the female star is not sure whether she will sue Bryn Forbes in court or not. Because according to the manager: “Elsa is simply very sad because the person she loves is acting like that. She even really hopes that Forbes will get the help she needs.”

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