NBA Calls for Doping Test on Damian Lillard After Record-Breaking Performance

NBA is inherently a tournament where stars are highly respected. Although it is not the number one sport in America, basketball is still very famous around the world thanks to its players. Their wonderful performances are the most wonderful spice for fans. Damian Lillard with 71 points this morning in Vietnam time is no exception. However, he could not escape the “medical room”.

Damian Lillard được NBA triệu tập kiểm tra... doping sau khi lập kỷ lục - Ảnh 1.
Rockets young players are powerless against superstar Damian Lillard

Right after the Moda Center match ended, the NBA organizers once again made NBA fans laugh. After the doping test “incident” for Donovan Mitchell after setting a personal record of 71 points against the Chicago Bulls. Obviously they cannot let go of Damian Lillard, especially when the 32-year-old player did the same thing without needing extra time.

According to reports from Portland Trail Blazers spokesman Casey Holdahl, Damian Lillard was required to be tested for doping. Even the Olympic champion had to have his blood tested, not simply his urine as usual. This allows the health department to have a clearer view in finding precursors such as EPO. It seems like the recent doping test is like a humorous recognition from the NBA for the players.

Damian Lillard được NBA triệu tập kiểm tra... doping sau khi lập kỷ lục - Ảnh 2.
Damian Lillard took a doping test immediately after celebrating in the locker room

In the meeting with the bottom team Houston Rockets, the Portland Trail Blazers have only one goal other than victory. A victory will help them continue on the path to winning tickets to the Playoffs or at least reaching the Play-in round. But it is clear that their squad is not superior, the players from Oregon will not be able to do anything without superstar Damian Lillard.

The star born in 1990 continues to be the driving force that drives the Portland Trail Blazers team forward. Not only that, the match in front of the rockets was also the night of a lifetime for “Dame Dolla” when he exploded and scored 71 points. Facing the young outside line from Texas, Damian Lillard really showed his superiority as he was able to threaten the basket from all directions. Today, the star wearing jersey number 0 threw extremely “hot” to the point that his performance from outside the three-point range was even higher than the average number.

Damian Lillard was unstoppable with 71 points

In the past 20 matches, the California-born star is averaging 38.9 points. It’s truly a terrible number that proves the undisputed ability of the most loyal man in the number one basketball tournament on the planet. However, it’s sad that the Blazers still show that they are just a mid-range team.

Having owned the NBA’s top superstar for the past decade, the Oregon state representative could not accomplish anything. Even at this point in the 2022/2023 season, Chauncey Billups and his team are currently only at 11th place with 29 wins and 31 defeats. If Damian Lillard continues to fight alone, he will probably continue to have to go to the “medical room” and then return to face the sad reality.

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