Mesmerizing Elegance: Explore the Exquisite Curves of Tennis Beauty Rachel Stuhlmann

Rachel Stuhlmann was born on October 23, 1991. She is a former tennis player currently working as a communications manager for “TopCourt” – an online tennis teaching platform. This 32-year-old beauty is currently the number 1 tennis model on the Instagram platform.


Rachel Stuhlmann has been interested in tennis since childhood. She started playing soccer in high school and participated in many American youth tournaments. Stuhlmann’s outstanding achievements help the beauty born in 1991 to be in the ranking system of the United States Junior Tennis Association.


She continued to play tennis during her school days at the University of Missouri, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and exercise. While studying here, Stuhlmann participated in college-level tournaments in his first two years.


However, after finishing college, she said goodbye to her playing career and started blogging about tennis. Stuhlmann’s articles have also been picked up by popular tennis websites including and Baseline Tennis.


Besides working in tennis media, Rachel Stuhlmann is also a famous model on the Instagram platform. She has more than 260,000 followers thanks to regularly posting photos showing off her hot curves in tennis outfits.

Admire the beautiful curves of Rachel Stuhlmann, the sexiest female tennis player in the world – Photo 3

At the recent 2022 World Cup, Rachel Stuhlmann made fans admire when wearing a low-cut shirt that accentuated her round, vibrant bust. Inside, she also wore a bra with the American flag to cheer on the national team before the match against England in the group stage.


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