Maria Sharapova: Unyielding, Powerful, and Embracing Solitude

Maria Sharapova entered the press conference room looking as gorgeous as a queen, but her lovely face no longer had the usual smile. Instead, sadness “invaded” and dominated that face.

Maria Sharapova cô đơn đối diện với scandal doping
Maria Sharapova faces the doping scandal alone

“Russian Doll” calmly announced the most shocking information in her life. Her sample in Australia tested positive for the substance “Meldonium”. Her career could be completely destroyed by this information.

At that turning point, Maria Sharapova was living in the brightest days of her life. Her tennis career has given her everything. Titles, world number 1 position and the queen’s royal life. Maria Sharapova is the best-earning female athlete in the world with an average of 30 million USD.

However, she still lacks one important thing, which is… friendship. On the darkest day of her life, everything seemed to turn against Sharapova. She received terrible criticism from colleagues, experts and even fans. She lost tens of millions of dollars after her advertising contract was cut.

The support of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic is only a minority. Of course, they also only support with statements. No one is willing to “save themselves” to fight alongside Maria Sharapova in the legal battle.

In that moment, people found Maria Sharapova terribly lonely. She alone had to fight under terrible pressure from many sides. That loneliness is not accidental. Because, usually, she isolates herself from the tennis world. Legend Chris Evert recounted: “Maria Sharapova always isolated herself from the tennis world. She has no friends in this sport. Therefore, now, no one supports her.”

Maria Sharapova has always been so extreme. From a young age, she isolated herself from the outside world. Nick Bollettieri (the coach who has honed her since the early stages of her career) recalled that Maria Sharapova did not make friends with children her age at the Tennis Academy. Simply, for one reason only, they will most likely be her “enemies” later.

The Guardian newspaper commented: “The young girl’s tennis career began with such endless sadness. As for Maria Sharapova, she only focuses on tennis and resisting everything around her.

Perhaps, childhood has “honed” that personality. Maria Sharapova is more disadvantaged than many children her age. She did not know the days of playing in the park or being taken out by her parents like many of her friends.

At the age of six, Maria Sharapova and her father left the peaceful Nyagan area to go to America to start pursuing her tennis dream. At an age when many children still cry, little Maria Sharapova began pursuing her dream at the Nick Bollettieri Academy, while her father exhausted every last drop of sweat as a hired car washer. to nurture that dream.

Maria Sharapova has no choice but to pursue the pinnacle of her tennis career. She has an extreme outlook on life, but that is what makes Maria Sharapova strong and full of energy.

Maria Sharapova đã tự cô lập mình với các bạn ngay từ tấm bé
Maria Sharapova has isolated herself from her friends since childhood

At the age of 17, Maria Sharapova won her first Grand-Slam in her career with the 2004 Wimbledon championship. Two years later, she continued to win the US Open. To date, “Russian Doll” has collected all 4 Grand-Slams. Besides, she once won No. 1 in the world (2005-2007, 2012). In addition, with a lovely face and sexy body, Maria Sharapova is the representative face of many large companies with huge amounts of sponsorship.

This courageous 6-year-old girl has overcome many storms to find the pinnacle of her career. But she had to trade too much to get that glory because of her extremes.

Anyway, people still believe that Maria Sharapova is strong enough to withstand the “storm” of the doping scandal alone. “Russian Doll” announced that it will return strongly. Never underestimate her strength!

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