Maria Sharapova, Standing at 1.88m Tall, Maintains Allure and Beauty in Her U40s, Continues to Attract Nearly 5 Million Fans Even in Retirement


Maria Sharapova stands out thanks to her impressive height.

Maria Sharapova is famous for photo shoots for fashion magazines thanks to her attractive figure.

Maria Sharapova (born in 1987, in Russia) became famous around the world at the age of 17 after defeating her senior Serena Willams at the Wimbledon final in 2016. In the years that followed, she continuously reaped many competition achievements. impressive fight. Possessing a beautiful appearance and a height of up to 1m88, Sharapova is fondly called by fans with the nickname “Doll”. However, due to continuous injuries, this female star was forced to retire in 2020. “I will miss tennis very much, but this is the time for me to move on to a new chapter in life,” she shared.

However, Maria Sharapova’s name did not subside because of that. Information related to the current life of this former athlete always receives a lot of attention from the media and netizens. Her personal Instagram page has 4.6 million followers.

Maria Sharapova stands out at events.

After marrying businessman Alexander Gilkes and having a son, she focused on business and taking care of herself. Currently, she owns a candy company and her own fashion brand. The beauty is still a popular face at major events, always receiving a lot of media attention every time she appears in public. She and her husband spend time traveling around the world, enjoying a full life. The Sun newspaper once commented on Maria Sharapova’s current life: “Forget the tennis legend. She is now a top businesswoman, making more money than ever. Journey from charming tennis player world’s hottest to global innovation entrepreneur is complete”.

The former Russian tennis player often shares photos showing off his body and exercising on his personal page. She does not hesitate to invest money in herself in exercise, diet and fashion to become younger and more beautiful. Maria Sharapova is very concerned about her appearance, that’s why just 1 month after giving birth, this beauty returned to training. Thanks to her long time with tennis, practicing and eating according to an athlete’s diet, she did not have too many difficulties in getting back in shape. The mother of 1 child has a private gym at home with full of modern machines and equipment, allowing her to exercise anytime in her free time.

Exercising diligently is the secret to having a toned body like a supermodel.

Currently, she practices a combination of many different subjects such as gym, yoga, pilates,… occasionally cycling, playing tennis, jogging,… In addition, the beauty still maintains the habit of massaging her body every day. day.

Maria Sharapova does not diet too strictly, she prioritizes foods rich in protein, low in carbs and low in fat. The beauty once shared in Harpers Bazaar magazine: “I am very satisfied with the type of fuel I put into my body, but I also allow myself to indulge a little. My breakfast usually starts with cake.” rye toast, goat cheese, a piece of ham and fruit. Her lunch is tomatoes, vegetables, chicken breast. For dinner she eats enough fish, rice and vegetables. The beauty chooses apple and pear juice ,… for snacks”. Instead of eating many small meals throughout the day, she eats three full meals and has a snack in the afternoon.


Antioxidant foods are also part of her diet. Antioxidant foods not only help enhance Maria’s youth but also enhance metabolism. In addition, she also has the habit of drinking tea in the afternoon. This is considered a beauty care method from the inside, good for both skin health and body shape, and has been trusted by Maria Sharapova for many years.

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