Gloria James’ birthday is February 4, so what a great surprise from her son to receive such an early gift.

“Thank you my caring and giving son, @kingjames, for my early surprise birthday gift!,” she wrote on her Instagram caption, with her hands joyfully raised in the sky. “You’re always thinking of and doing things to make my life easier and make me happy. Love you infinity.”

She shared a birthday post on IG for LeBron’s birthday as well.

LeBron and his mother share the ultimate mother-son bond. In 2014, King James penned a heartfelt letter of appreciation to single moms. He’s always been appreciative of the sacrifices and love his mother has given him.

“She decided that while she was figuring out how to get on her feet, I needed some stability in my life,” James said. “I needed to stay in one place and experience the support and security that she had felt growing up in a big family. So she sent me to live with my pee-wee football team coach, ‘Big Frankie’ Walker, and his family. She later said to me, ‘It was hard, but I knew it was not about me. It was about you. I had to put you first.”

LeBron credits his mother for being a prime example of how to parent his children (Bronny, 17, Bryce, 14, Zhuri, 7).

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