LeBron James: Heroic Monarch or Selfish Tyrant?

With huge expectations right from the day he first entered the NBA, it can be affirmed that LeBron James has overcome all the pressure he encountered. Not only asserting itself with championships and countless titles, but also a movement to promote the influence of the players. And the longer he goes on his path, the more he sees the dark side of the NBA’s most special character ever.

LeBron James: Vị vua anh minh hay bạo chúa ích kỷ? - Ảnh 1.
LeBron James or the most special character in NBA history

LeBron James’ first seven seasons at the Cleveland Cavaliers, he truly successfully built the image of a king reviving the barren land where he was born. From the ashes after the 90s destroyed by Michael Jordan, the Eastern “Knights” once again rose as a force aiming to win the championship. At that time, LeBron James was like a true hero.

But no matter how excellent he is, LeBron James cannot alone carry this team to the promised land. During the first 7 years of his youth, the boy who grew up in Akron saw his efforts go down the drain because the weak elite could not bring himself a team that could truly compete for the championship. .

LeBron James: Vị vua anh minh hay bạo chúa ích kỷ? - Ảnh 2.
The first seven seasons were beautiful but painful

The image of LeBron James taking off his shirt and walking into the tunnel after being defeated by the Boston Celtics at the 2010 Playoffs is one of the memorable milestones in the NBA. This is where the last domino fell on the young king’s patience. He officially activated the grand plan with the vision that it would give him complete autonomy. The NBA really shook and changed completely because of that plan.

The televised event announcing that he would join the Miami Heat to form the Big Three could be considered the most important historical milestone in the NBA in the past decade. Super Team is actually not a new concept. But it has never appeared simply thanks to the players’ friendship. It was LeBron James who changed everything.

LeBron James: Vị vua anh minh hay bạo chúa ích kỷ? - Ảnh 3.
The statement changed NBA history

Digging back into history a bit, the 2008 NBA championship squad of the Boston Celtics was recognized as the first Super team. However, its influence is not as different as it was in the later stages. Because the way this team was founded is still quite classic when the pieces are brought back by the team owners. But it gave LeBron James the blueprint for what would change the future of the NBA forever.

LeBron James can claim to be a pioneer in increasing the influence of players. He broke the standards that had existed for generations of players. In the summer of 2010, LeBron James did not need to come to learn about any team, on the contrary, all the giants in the NBA had to go to Cleveland to convince the superstar born in 1984 to sign the contract they had drafted. Since then, this tournament has never been the same and gradually shaped into what it is today.

LeBron James: Vị vua anh minh hay bạo chúa ích kỷ? - Ảnh 4.
The legendary trio at Miami Heat

Back to LeBron James’ personal journey. Since the day he held the unparalleled power of freedom, he was truly consumed by the thirst for titles. There is no denying the top talent of the superstar wearing shirt number 23. However, “King James” from a young king who rushed to the battlefield has now become a dictator who wants to drain all financial and human resources. my side.

It has become a cycle, any team that owns LeBron James for the 4th year onwards will begin to fall into a recession and find it difficult to find a way to turn around. LeBron’s departure always leaves the team with unreasonably huge contracts for his courtiers. And even when those people came together without the Akron-born superstar there, it wouldn’t have been successful.

LeBron James: Vị vua anh minh hay bạo chúa ích kỷ? - Ảnh 5.
LeBron James leaving always leaves a mess

Miami Heat were the first victims. The proud representative of the sunny and windy South has gone through an extremely difficult time since the 2014/2015 season. “Godfather” Pat Riley has really worked hard to rebuild the coastal city so that it can once again return to the map. Cleveland Cavaliers is no exception. On the second “King James” day, fans once again witnessed the ruins.

The same is true for the Los Angeles Lakers at the present time. After the 2020 championship, everything gradually declined for one of the two most traditional teams in NBA history. In the end, everything became beyond LeBron James’s control when he was too drunk with power at the age of 37. A group full of chaos with giant egos was brought in by the superstar wearing number 6 for the purpose of The goal is to win my 5th ring.

LeBron James is really lonely this season

But it all backfired. Lifeless play without any direction combined with the burden of injuries ruined a season where the Los Angeles Lakers were considered one of the top championship contenders. Why did LeBron James have to deny responsibility and say that he had nothing to do with the player selection issue? In fact, that only adds to the tragedy of the season, because everyone knows that no one comes to the “servant” without approval from “King James”.

Prosecutor Harvey Dent in the movie “The Dark Knight” once said the classic line: “You either die like a hero or live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain.” That is increasingly true of LeBron James’ situation in the NBA.

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