Exploring Alexis Ohanian’s Impressive Collection: From America’s Rookie Card to a Real-Life Iron Man Sculpture

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is an avid collector of sports cards and memorabilia and recently showed off the most valuable items in his collection.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

In a video posted on Instagram in collaboration with the collector community page On Mantel, Alexis Ohanian stated that On Mantel asked him to give a tour of some of his prized collectibles, and he obliged.

The Reddit co-founder gave a sneak peek into a few of his valuables which included a rare Serena Williams rookie card; a copy of NES Play Action Football, which was his childhood favorite; a magic card gifted to him; and a life-size sculpture of Iron Man, which Ohanian called the “best thing” in his office.

“I have been collecting things since I was a kid. This is a soccer ball from the inaugural season of my team, Angel City FC. This is one of the best Serena Williams rookie cards ever. In fact, I think it is legitimately the best one. There’s a grated copy of NES Play Action Football, which was the first video game I ever got. I played the hell out of it; I didn’t even have an NFL license. But didn’t matter,” Ohanian said.
“And I was gifted this magic card, it’s not real, but it was a really nice token of appreciation from one of our founders. And then finally, this is the best thing in my office, which is the Iron Man Mark 85. It’s a life-size sculpture of the one and only Tony Stark,” he continued.

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Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian welcomed their second child, Adira River Ohanian, onAugust 22, 2023. Six months on, the American tennis legend shared her thoughts on the bodily changes she endured postpartum and said that she loves her current physical status even though it is not up to her standards.

In fact, Williams stated that she practices self-love and urges her followers to love themselves, too. The 23-time Grand Slam champion’s message drew admiration from her followers as well as Alexis Ohanian, who responded with a heart-eyed emoji.

“Loving yourself is essential. I find that I have to remind myself of that self-love through all different stages in my life. Right now I love that my body is not picture perfect. I love that I smell like milk – that milk sustains @adriaohanian. I love getting to know a new version of my body. It is a change, but it’s a change that has been well worth it. So start this week, knowing that you are loved, and that starts with you. Ok, now I’m about to go to the gym 🤪 Serena,” she captioned the Instagram post.

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Screengrab from Instagram
Screengrab from Instagram

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