Explore the Rise of Bryce Maximus James, the Towering Heir to the James Dynasty, Eager to Follow in His Father’s Legendary Footsteps

LeBron James is a legendary basketball player, and his kid aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps. Bryce James is very interested in joining the NBA, but he will have to wait a while. Here we can observe how tall Bryce James is. He stands 6 feet 6 inches tall.


What is Bryce James’s height? Everything You Need to Know About LeBron James’s Son

The approximate height of LeBron James’ son Bronny James is 6feet 6inches (198cm). His height is trending on social media following his surprise growth; he’s three inches taller than his elder sibling. He weighs 82kg. Bryce James was born on June 14, 2007. He is a basketball player from the United States. James is the second kid of NBA player LeBron James; Bronny James is his younger brother. James spent his first high school season with his older brother at Sierra Canyon High School. He was supposed to transfer to Campbell Hall in Studio City but was unable to do so.


Bryce James’s Social Media Accounts

James has a large number of followers despite his young age. He is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He has over 224k followers on Instagram and 11k followers on Twitter. Link to his social media accounts in the table below.

The age of Bryce James

Bryce James is the younger brother (16), however he is the middle child overall. The eldest, Bronny, is 18 and in his first year of college at the University of Southern California.

Bryce, who is two years younger, is a varsity high school basketball player at Notre Dame High School. Then there’s Zhuri, their considerably younger sister. The 8-year-old hasn’t made an athletic impression yet, but she’s already had some memorable moments in public.


Zhuri has built a social media following by showcasing a distinct side of the James family, frequently alongside her mother Savannah James. She has shown little interest in basketball thus far, but she has a strong preference for and talent for volleyball.

Bronny James vs. Bryce James

Given their family history and distinctions as sportsmen, Bryce and Bronny are an intriguing duo to compare. Despite spent their entire lives practicing under the four-time NBA champion, neither is a clone of LeBron. In terms of pop culture, they’ll always be evaluated by LeBron, but as players, they’ve already begun to carve their own paths.


Bronny, predominantly a point guard, had six Division I scholarships before deciding on USC. With a penchant for intelligent passes, the high-ranking prospect continues to grow year after year. His shot still needs refinement, although he is most likely not at his limit.

Bryce, the younger brother, is a different type of player. According to Sports Illustrated, the huge high schooler is already capable of frightening drives to the rim that clear out his opponents. The shooting guard’s jump shot is also more natural. However, he fails as a playmaker and defender, placing him slightly behind Bronny at his age.

Both have great NBA draft potential in the coming years. It’s not simply their celebrity that’s fueling the frenzy. Scouts see something special in both of LeBron’s sons, thus the name “James” will most certainly appear on NBA jerseys for the foreseeable future.

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