Explore the Hottest Tattoo Trends of 2024 with These 19 Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas!

This form of self expression was identified already in ancient times. Ear piercings were among the first types of body art early in the Egyptian culture. 19 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2024


As a sign of religious devotion and also in the case of Romans soldiers and other tribes a rite of passage people found a way to embed these tiny details into their appearance. Undoubtedly the Aztec as well as African civilizations all practiced these rituals with great care and mastery.


Fortunately the messengers of body jewelries managed to further popularize the cultural custom and transform it into a status symbol that would reflect the social as well as cultural heritage of individuals.


Besides culture however aesthetics was also conquering some ground, turning nose, ear and also lip piercings the primary sign of divine beauty. Various piercing designs and models were used in order to keep up the flame of a similar beauty practice.


During the Elizabethan period both men and women were practicing this ritual especially the ones that promoted ear piercings. Though a conservative historical era still some would disregard the various restrictions.


Though it seems that the period between this period and the 1960s didn’t offered enough important and worth-mentioning improvement in this field. The passing decades still brought both development as well as radical changes in the preparation of body piercings as well as in their quality and popularity.


After the time-tested patterns producers adopted a more boundless and non-conformist attitude towards juggling with sizes and shapes. Expanding the color palette was one of the basic changes, the Hippies and later Punks were the major innovators in sporting body jewelries with great style and refinement.


Nowadays we still promote this well-defined and precious heritage and people regardless of age have an increasing inclination to experiment with this flourishing and fascinating art challenging the barriers of public acceptance and anatomy.














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