Capturing the Moments: Brittany, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife, Faces a Frosty Challenge Watching Chiefs Game from Suite

As Patrick Mahomes took to the field for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Miami Dolphins, his wife Brittany was in the box to cheer him on.

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She has always been there to encourage him but there was something different tonight. With outside temperatures at -4 degrees and a wind chill of nearly -27 degrees, the panes were frosting up. This was the coldest playoff game Arrowhead had ever hosted in over 50 years of its existence.

Brittany posted a story on her Instagram account showing what was going on where she was sitting. People were trying to remove the frozen condensation so that they could see the action on the field. One person looked like he was using a makeshift scraper, whereas another person was using a wiping cloth to remove the fogging.

Screenshot from Brittany Mahomes' Instagram Story
Screenshot from Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Story
Screenshot from Brittany Mahomes' Instagram Story
Screenshot from Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Story

Brittany Mahomes joined by Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

Brittany Mahomes was not the only one there to support Chiefs players. Taylor Swift was there as well along with Donna Kelce.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Card Playoffs – Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs

But the heroes of the night were the Kansas City fans. Braving the cold, they came out in large numbers to support their team. They were loud, as always, and rattled the Dolphins players, getting them on false starts.

Patrick Mahomes unbothered by cold as he gets Chiefs to a fast start

And feeding off of that energy was Patrick Mahomes. In his very first drive, he led them down the field to a touchdown. Travis Kelce was getting open, Rashee Rice was playing well and Isiah Pacheco was running through anybody that came his way.

The defense played its part as well and very soon the Chiefs were leading 10-0. However, the Dolphins showed how dangerous they can be as they cut the arrears down to just three points after a quickfire touchdown by Tyreek Hill. Using his speed was always going to be the best way for Miami to compete against their opponents and the elements, and Tua Tagovailoa managed to find him.

Some uncharacteristic drops by Travis Kelce did not help but the veteran tight end also showed his intelligence to get open repeatedly. And Patrick Mahomes demonstrated why he is a two-time NFL MVP with some exceptional plays, none better than picking up a fourth-and-four with his legs.

The Chiefs looked like the better team across the board in the first half but Kansas City will know that football is a game of moments and things can flip anytime.

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