2024’s Rising Tennis Star: 16-Year-Old Sensation Rune, Djokovic Conqueror and the Next ‘Sharapova’

The world tennis village has potential young stars every year, but becoming a top 10 player in the world is not easy. However, there are already very young stars who have broken into the group of top stars in the tennis industry (Carlos Alcaraz is an example). Let’s see who has the potential to compete with the top players in 2024.

Is it time for Runes and “Morning Stars” from France?

Besides Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune is the only player in the top 30 in the world who is still at U21 age and he was born only 1 week later than the Spanish player, but in terms of progress Rune still has a lot to strive for.

However, he once jumped to 4th in the world (currently currently ranked 8th in the world rankings) and achieved career best results at 3 Grand Slam tournaments in 2023, a signal for a new breakthrough of the year. next.


Holger Rune and Arthur Fils

Rune is making significant changes in performance after inviting Boris Becker as coach. He has defeated 5 top 10 players in the world in 2023, including Novak Djokovic at the Rome Masters. Now it’s just a matter of perfecting your skills, and most importantly, knowing your body’s limits to adjust your playing style accordingly.

But besides Rune, there are also a number of other young players right at the Australian Open who promise to attract attention. Arthur Fils has been mentioned recently when participating in a number of major tournaments, but what is worth discussing is the leap from ranked 251 at the end of 2022 to 35 in the world on the current ATP rankings. This player did not even attend the Australian Open 2023 through qualifying, but the upcoming 2024 round could create a surprise.

Fils has a fighting style that relies on strength and takes advantage of his body to handle situations, but many other tennis players used to play like that when they were young, only to not be able to make a breakthrough once they became adults. Fils himself admitted that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was the person he learned the most from to shape his current playing style, but Tsonga could not maintain stability as his injuries increased.

“New Sharapova” is about to appear?

The women’s tennis industry is witnessing the dominance of Eastern European players, typically the duel between Aryna Sabalenka and Iga Swiatek, and the young generation is also transforming. One of the youngest players among them, Mirra Andreeva, climbed to world No. 46 in early November after making her 2023 WTA Tour debut and having many positive results.


Andreeva is only 16 years old but has already reached the top 50 of the WTA

Andreeva will turn 17 at the end of April 2024 and she still needs a lot of time to train, but her results in 2023 show a lot of promise.

After finishing runner-up at the Australian Open youth tournament, at the age of 15 she surprised everyone by defeating 3 seeded players at the Madrid Open and only suffered defeat when meeting Sabalenka. She continued to leave her mark when entering the third round of Roland Garros after participating in the qualifying round, even winning 1 set against Coco Gauff before stopping.

Also possessing blonde hair and coming from Russia, Andreeva’s height (1m71) is much shorter but that does not stop public opinion from waiting to see if she can become the second Maria Sharapova.

However, she is a hot-tempered person and was almost punished for hitting the ball into the audience at Roland Garros in the match against Coco Gauff. At the age of 19, Gauff became the US Open champion, so she is no longer a new young star. Let’s wait and see how long it takes for Andreeva to equal the opponent who beat her twice at last year’s Grand Slam.

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