Video: Mother Elephant and Her Two Little Ones Encircled by Lion Pride: A Gripping Tale of Survival

The clip about the harshness of nature was recorded by a tourist in Chobe National Park (Botswana), showing a clash between a mother elephant and a pride of lions to protect her two young children.

The clip shows a mother elephant leading her twin baby elephants to drink water at a human-built irrigation pond, but unexpectedly, the three mother elephants were caught in the sights of a herd of lions nearby.

The mother elephant immediately realized the danger lurking for herself and her two young children, but it seemed she could not resist her thirst and had to accept the risk of going to the irrigation lake to drink water.

After drinking water, the mother elephant carefully shielded her two cubs from the gaze of the lions and returned to the old path. The mother elephant herself understands that both fighting against the lions and protecting her two young children is an act of suicide, so she finds ways to avoid confrontation.

Mother Elephant Gives Up on a Twin to Save the Other from Lions

The mother elephant and her two cubs were surrounded by lions and it was the end

Of course, lions do not easily ignore the opportunity to hunt right in front of them. With extensive hunting experience, the lions surrounded the three mother elephants, looking for loopholes in the mother elephant to attack her two young children.

By this time, the mother elephant understood that a life-or-death battle with the lions could not be avoided. The mother elephant howled, used her tusks and trunk to express her anger and tried to chase away the lions. However, the lion showed cunning in its hunting tactics, finding a way to distract the mother elephant to target two baby elephants, weak and defenseless prey.

While engrossed in chasing the lion, the mother elephant left two baby elephants behind. When trying to run after his mother, one of the two baby elephants tripped and fell. The lions did not miss this opportunity, immediately attacked and dragged the baby elephant away. When the mother elephant realized and returned, it was too late.

The lions continued to surround and try to attack the remaining baby elephant. However, this time the mother elephant was more careful and because she only had to protect the remaining baby elephant, the mother and baby elephants were able to retreat safely.

Mother Elephant Gives Up on a Twin to Save the Other from Lions

Animal experts say female elephants rarely give birth to twins. In the case of twins, the mother elephant will have a hard time taking care of and protecting her young children at the same time. In the case above, animal experts believe that the mother elephant agreed to sacrifice one of her two babies so she could wholeheartedly protect her remaining baby from predators.

The clip about the harsh moment of survival in nature went viral after being posted on social networks. Many netizens have expressed their sadness at the helpless image of a mother elephant unable to protect her two young children at the same time.

“Having to choose to protect one of her two young children was probably a difficult and painful decision for the mother elephant. Luckily, the mother elephant was able to keep one of her children,” said one person. Use YouTube to comment after watching the clip.

“Before being killed by the lion, the baby elephant was still breastfeeding, but only a moment later it became a meal for the lion. Nature is harsh, but animals have to accept it” “, another YouTube user commented.

Elephants are very herd animals, in which immature elephants are always strictly protected by their mother elephants and members of the herd, making it very difficult for predators to approach them. close to hunt for baby elephants.

However, it is unclear why the mother elephant and her two young cubs separated from the herd to become the hunting target of the lions as shown in the clip.

In fact, it is very difficult for lions to take down adult elephants, even when lions surround and attack elephants. Therefore, lions always try to avoid confrontation with adult elephants. However, with young elephants, lions can easily knock them down and eat them if they are not protected by adult elephants.

According to Kruger/NF

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