Unveiling Enigmatic Marvels: Astonishing Video Reveals Diverse Fish Species and Hidden Life Forms Among Foliage Leaves (Video)

Microcides, present in the intestine, are antimicrobial peptides that strengthen the body’s ability to fight diseases. Using the CRISPR genome editing technique, researchers introduced a gene that improves disease resistance into catfish compared to their wild counterparts. The modified catfish exhibited “two to five times higher” survival rates, highlighting the effectiveness of the genetic modification.

However, the addition of cathelicidin to the reproductive hormone gene resulted in reduced catfish fertility. This precaution is considered crucial to prevent genetic contamination of wild catfish hybrids.


While there is still uncertainty surrounding the application of CRISPR technology, explored primarily in mammals, in fish, researchers plan to harness gene editing in alligators and catfish along with other breeding techniques to improve livestock production and help farmers achieve higher yields.

In 2021, the United States is expected to generate approximately 140,000 tons of live catfish, representing more than 50% of domestic demand for farmed fish. However, caring for catfish is resource-intensive, which is exacerbated by limited space on farms, leading to the rapid spread of diseases between species. Around 45% of fish species succumb to infectious diseases, further exacerbated by increasing antibiotic resistance in fish populations.


Despite potential concerns among consumers about catfish sharing genetic resources with American alligators, researchers have assured the public that meat derived from these hybrid fish is completely safe.

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