Unlocking the Symbolism: 100 Sun and Moon Tattoos Explained

Tattoos are more than art; they’re a slice of our soul we wear on our bodies. And when it comes to picking a design that’s as deep as it is dazzling, sun and moon tattoos are in a league of their own. They’re the yin and yang of celestial body art, representing a cosmic dance that resonates with us mortals. So, let’s dive into the universe of sun and moon tattoos, where time, mythology, nature, and the cosmos collide to create art that’s as meaningful as it is beautiful.

The Symbolism of Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon face forearm tattoo

Tattoos are more than just designs; they are expressions of our inner worlds, beliefs, and the narratives we wish to carry with us. Sun and moon tattoos are particularly rich in meaning, embodying a range of concepts from the cosmic to the personal.

The Sun:

Female face sun and moon tattoo

The sun is the ultimate symbol of life, power, and strength. It rises each day, banishing darkness, bringing warmth, and offering the promise of new beginnings. In tattoo art, it can symbolize growth, fertility, and the masculine principle. It’s a reminder of the relentless energy that fuels our existence and drives us forward.

The Moon:3>Neo traditional sun and moon tattoo

In contrast, the moon is the emblem of mystery, femininity, and the passing of time. It waxes and wanes, cycling through phases and influencing the tides of our oceans and the rhythms of life. Moon tattoos can symbolize intuition, dreams, and the unconscious, serving as a guide through the shadowy realms of our inner lives.

Combined Meaning:

When sun and moon tattoos are combined, they speak to the duality of life, the balance of opposites: day and night, light and dark, masculine and feminine. They reflect a harmony and unity between contrasting elements, a reminder that one cannot exist without the other, and that balance is essential.

Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

The beauty of sun and moon tattoos lies in their versatility. They can be simplistic and minimalistic or intricately detailed works of art. Some people choose to have the sun and moon in a yin-yang configuration, representing harmony and coexistence. Others might opt for a split design, with half of the tattoo representing the sun’s fiery energy and the other half capturing the moon’s tranquil mystery.

Black and Grey Sun and Moon Tattoo

Black and grey tattoos are the old-school cool of ink. They bring a sun and moon design to life with a timeless touch, using shades and shadows to create depth. Imagine a crescent moon cradling a dormant sun, both in sultry shades of grey, with bold outlines that command attention. It’s a design that whispers of ancient mysteries and eternal elegance.

Black and grey sun and moon face thigh tattoo

Black and grey sun and moon faces tattoo

Black and grey sun and moon face tattoo on thigh

Black and White Sun and Moon Tattoo

Black and white tattoos are all about striking contrast and clarity. A sun and moon design in this style is a bold statement of balance. Think of a pitch-black moon against a stark white sun, the two forces locked in an eternal chase across your skin. This design is as clear-cut as it gets – a day-and-night, light-and-dark motif that’s as profound as it is pronounced.

Black and white moon in sun with eye tattoo

Black and white sun and moon half sleeve tattoo

Blackwork Sun and Moon Tattoo

Blackwork tattoos are for the brave, the ones who aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot of) ink. A sun and moon in blackwork style is intense, with solid black areas that make the symbols pop. These tattoos are about texture and patterns. They create a tactile tapestry on your skin that’s as captivating as the night sky.

Blackwork sun and moon matching tattoo above elbow

Blackwork Sun and moon wrist tattoo

Blackwork manadala sun and moon back tattoo

Feminine Moon Face and Sun Tattoo

For those who like a touch of softness with their symbolism, feminine moon face and sun tattoos are a dreamy choice. Picture a serene moon with delicate features, paired with a warm, inviting sun, both adorned with fine lines and gentle curves. It’s a design that celebrates the softer side of the celestial, with a nod to the goddess within.

Feminine sun and moon thigh tattoo

Feminine sun and moon with pendant thigh tattoo

Female moon face and sun tattoo

Mandala Sun and Moon Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are a spiritual journey, a maze of meaning in every loop and line. Combining a sun and moon with mandala elements transforms your tattoo into a meditation on skin. Intricate patterns swirl into the shape of celestial bodies, creating a hypnotic design that’s as soothing as it is stunning.

Mandala sun and moon dotwork back tattoo

Mandala sun and moon half sleeve tattoo

Mandala moon and sun flower back tattoo

Mandala sun and moon back tattoo

Neo Traditional Sun and Moon Tattoo

Neo-traditional tattoos take the old and make it new, with bolder lines and brighter colors. A neo-traditional sun and moon tattoo is like a page from a modern fairy tale, with vivid hues and whimsical details that bring the story to life. It’s a fresh take on an ancient theme, perfect for those who honor their ancestors while writing their own legends.

Neo traditional sun and moon with clouds tattoo on back

Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sometimes, less is more. Simple sun and moon tattoos are for the minimalists, the ones who find beauty in bare essentials. A single line forming a half sun, half moon, or a tiny dot work design that captures the essence without the extravaganza. These tattoos are small, subtle, and seriously cool.

Simple Sun and moon line work tattoo

Simple sun and moon outline tattoo

Fine line sun and moon tattoo on forearm

Small Sun and Moon Tattoo

Small tattoos might be little, but they pack a punch. A small sun and moon tattoo can be a discreet dot on your finger, a hidden gem behind your ear, or a secret sign on the inside of your wrist. They’re the whisper of a tattoo, a private poem written in ink.

Small sun and moon side tattoo

Small sun and moon tattoo on low back

Small sun and moon tattoo on upper back

Minimalist Sun and moon ankle tattoo

Minimalist sun and moon tattoo on shoulder

Sun and Moon and Wave Tattoo

When you add waves to a sun and moon tattoo, you’re bringing the ocean into the orbit. It’s an elemental ensemble that speaks of the tides of life, the pull of the moon, and the warmth of the sun. This design is dynamic, a tribute to the ebb and flow that moves us all.

simple tattoos sun wave rainbow

Sun and moon and wave tattoo

Colored sun and moon and ocean tattoo

Sun and Moon in Clouds Tattoo

With clouds, a sun and moon tattoo turns into a sky scene on your skin. It’s about finding the silver lining, the sun breaking through the clouds, the moon glowing behind them. This design is dreamy and hopeful, a heavenly reminder to look up even on the cloudiest of days.

Sun and moon faces with clouds tattoo

Sun and moon in clouds tattoo

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo

Matching tattoos are for the ones who share a bond as tight as night and day. Sun and moon matching tattoos can be a split design between friends, lovers, or kin, each carrying a piece of the celestial puzzle. When together, the tattoos complete the cycle, a tandem tale of two souls tied by ink.

Hands holding sun and moon matching tattoo above elbow

Sun and moon matching couple tattoo on forearm

Sun and moon matching tattoos for sisters

couple sun and moon with clouds and stars tattoo

Sun and Moon Semicolon Tattoo

First off, let’s talk punctuation – because who doesn’t love a good semicolon? It’s not just for grammar nerds; it’s a symbol of continuation, a statement that your story isn’t finished. The sun and moon semicolon tattoo combines this powerful symbol with our favorite celestial bodies, suggesting that even in darkness, there is light to come. It’s a hopeful message that resonates deeply, perfect for those who cherish the cycle of resilience and rebirth.

Sun and moon and shooting star semicolon tattoo

Sun and moon semicolon tattoo

Greyscale dotwork sun and moon semicolon tattoo

Sun and Moon Skull Tattoos

Now, for a touch of the macabre with a side of mystique – sun and moon skull tattoos. These designs tap into the ancient tradition of celebrating life and acknowledging death. The skull, often seen as a symbol of mortality, juxtaposed with the ever-enduring sun and moon, creates a profound commentary on the eternal cycle of life and death, day and night, known to all cultures across the globe.

Dark Sun and moon skull tattoo

Sun and moon skull tattoo

Sun and Moon Sunflower Tattoo

Let’s add some flora into the mix. The sun and moon sunflower tattoo brings the energy of growth, vibrancy, and happiness to the table. Sunflowers are known for their sun-chasing behavior, and when intertwined with the moon, they represent the full spectrum of the natural cycle, from the brightest day to the darkest night. This design is a beacon of positivity, perfect for those who always look to the light.

Sun and moon sunflower tattoo

Sun flower and moon tattoo

Sun and Moon with Flower Tattoo

Sticking with the botanical theme, the sun and moon with flower tattoos are a celebration of nature’s diversity. Imagine a crescent moon cradling a bed of roses or a sunburst interlaced with peonies. This design is all about harmony and balance, bringing together the celestial and the terrestrial in a stunning display of inked beauty.

Fine line moon and sun with flower thigh tattoo

Sun and moon with iris tattoo

Dainty sun and moon and flowers tattoo

Sun and Moon with Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, making it a perfect partner for the sun and moon. Sun and moon with lotus tattoos capture the essence of spiritual awakening, with the lotus often emerging from murky waters to bloom beautifully. This design is a favorite for those seeking a tattoo with a deep spiritual connection, representing the triumph of light over darkness.

Colored Sun and moon with lotus tattoo

flower sun and moon with mandala lotus tattoo

Sun and Moon with Stars Tattoo

Stars have always been the companions of the sun and moon in the sky. A sun and moon with stars tattoo is like a slice of the night sky, a personal constellation that’s eternally yours. This design can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like, from a minimalist series of small stars to an elaborate celestial scene. It’s about capturing the wonder of the cosmos and keeping it close.

Sun and moon with flower and stars tattoo for sisters

Sun and moon with stars tattoo

Black and grey sun and moon with flower and stars tattoo

Sun Earth and Moon with Zodiac Constellation Tattoo

For those who look to the stars for guidance, a sun, earth, and moon with zodiac constellation tattoo might just be written in the stars for you. This design can be personalized with your zodiac sign’s constellation, creating a connection between the cosmos, your existence, and your ink. It’s deeply personal, combining astrology with the artistry of tattoos.

Sun earth and moon with Gemini constellation tattoo

Sun earth and moon with Libra constellation tattoo

Traditional Sun and Moon Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are all about bold lines and vibrant colors. The traditional sun and moon tattoo stays true to this style, with crisp outlines and a limited but punchy color palette. These designs often have a vintage or nautical feel, harking back to the tattoos of sailors who navigated by these celestial bodies. It’s a nod to tattoo history with a timeless appeal.

Traditional sun and moon face with cloud and stars tattoo

Traditional sun and moon face with star tattoo

Traditional sun and moon tattoo

American traditional sun and moon tattoo

Tribal Sun and Moon Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are rooted in the ancient traditions of many cultures. A tribal sun and moon tattoo incorporates symbolic patterns and shapes that can represent various meanings, from strength and leadership to fertility and wisdom. The design is distinctive with its bold black lines and often incorporates other tribal elements to create a piece that is both powerful and personal.

Polynesian tribal sun and moon tattoo on calf

Tribal sun and moon tattoo

Watercolor Sun and Moon Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos break the mold with their fluid, vibrant hues that bleed into each other like paint on a canvas. Sun and moon watercolor tattoos are for those who love color and aren’t afraid to show it. These tattoos look like a dreamy, colorful backdrop to the solid symbols of the sun and moon,offering a visual effect that’s as soft as it is striking.

Watercolor Sun and moon tattoo

Watercolor Sun and moon with stars tattoo

Yin Yang Sun and Moon Tattoos

The yin yang symbol represents balance and duality, and when it merges with sun and moon imagery, the result is a tattoo that speaks volumes about harmony. Sun and moon Yin yang tattoos blend these two powerful symbols into one seamless design, often with the sun as the yang (active, bright energy) and the moon as the yin (passive, calm energy). It’s a design that’s as profound as it is aesthetically pleasing, perfect for those who seek balance in life and art.

Sun and moon Yin Yang tattoo

Yin yang sun and moon tattoo

Sun and moon Yin Yang tattoo on inner forearm

sun and moon hourglass tattoo

sun and moon hourglass tattoo

Imagine capturing the essence of time in a tattoo. The sun and moon hourglass design does just that. It’s a visual metaphor where the sands of time are replaced by the cyclical dance of the sun and moon. This tattoo is for those who feel the pull of time’s passage. It recognizes that every sunrise and sunset is a precious grain slipping through the waist of the hourglass of life.

As sure as night is dark and day is light

Sun and moon tattoo with quote as sure as night is dark and day is light

Incorporating a quote into a sun and moon tattoo can weave an extra layer of narrative into the design. “As sure as night is dark and day is light” is a line that speaks of certainties, of the undeniable truths we live by. The meaningful tattoo can be a powerful reminder of life’s constants and the reliable rhythm of our existence.

Sun and moon with birds tattoo

Sun and moon with birds tattoo

Adding birds to the classic sun and moon motif can symbolize freedom and perspective. Birds often bridge the realms of earth and sky. And when they’re portrayed alongside the sun and moon, it’s like a snapshot of them soaring through the endless cycle of day and night. This design is for dreamers, for those who strive to rise above and see life from a higher vantage point.

A Celestial Romance

Sun with the face of a man and a moon with the face of a woman thigh tattoo

There’s something deeply romantic about giving the sun and moon human traits. A thigh tattoo featuring the sun with the strong face of a man and the moon with the delicate features of a woman can be a nod to the lovers’ chase, an endless pursuit through the heavens. This design is rich in symbolism, perfect for romantics who see love stories written in the stars.

Sun and moon with leaves thigh tattoo

Geomtric sun and moon with leaves thigh tattoo

Geometry meets the garden in this thigh tattoo design. Geometric shapes give a modern edge to the organic curves of sun and moon, and when intertwined with leaves, the design speaks to the balance between the structured and the wild, the calculated and the free. It’s a tattoo for the thinkers and the naturalists alike, a design that celebrates the beauty of both logic and nature.

Gothic sun and moon face back tattoo

Gothic sun and moon face back tattoo

For those who embrace the night, a gothic sun and moon face tattoo on the back can be a striking choice. This design often features intricate details and a darker color palette, bringing out the mysterious allure of the celestial. With faces that remind us of ancient tales and nocturnal whispers, this tattoo is a statement of intrigue and depth.

Greek God moon and sun chest tattoo

Greek God moon and sun chest tattoo

Greek mythology is a treasure trove of stories. And a Greek god moon and sun chest tattoo brings these legends to life. Imagine Apollo, god of the sun, and Artemis, goddess of the moon, depicted in all their divine glory. This tattoo is not just a piece of art; it’s an epic sprawled across your chest. It serves as a daily reminder of the mythic forces that have fascinated humans for millennia

Sun and moon armband tattoo

Sun and moon armband tattoo

The armband tattoo has always been a symbol of strength and continuity. And when the sun and moon are incorporated into this design, it becomes a testament to the cycle of life. It’s like wearing a piece of the horizon on your arm, a constant reminder that after every night comes a new day. This design is for those who find power in the sun’s blaze and wisdom in the moon’s glow.

Sun and Moon Tattoo Placement Ideas

When it comes to tattoos that speak of duality and balance, few symbols are as compelling as the sun and moon. They represent the eternal dance between day and night, light and shadow, masculine and feminine energies. But where to place such powerful symbols on your body? Let’s walk through some prime real estate on your skin that might just be the perfect canvas for your sun and moon tattoo.


The back is like a sprawling mural space for tattoo enthusiasts. Placing a sun and moon back tattoo allows for a grand expression of the celestial theme. Imagine the sun’s rays stretching across your shoulder blades while the moon calmly resides on the opposite side, a juxtaposition of day and night in one majestic artwork. Your back offers the space to go as detailed or as minimalist as you desire, and such a tattoo can be a hidden gem or a bold statement depending on what you wear.

Sun and moon face back tattoo

sun and moon smiling face back tattoo

Floral Sun and moon back tattoo

Floral sun and starry crescent moon back tattoo


Ankles might be on the smaller side, but they’re a surprisingly powerful spot for a sun and moon tattoo. The round shape of the ankle complements the circular nature of these celestial bodies, and such a placement offers a peek-a-boo effect with different types of footwear. It’s a playful area that allows for a touch of cosmic charm to be revealed at your whim.

Blackwork sun and moon ankle tattoo


The clavicle area is a sweet spot for tattoos that demand attention. A sun on one side and a moon on the other, lying just above the bone, creates a mirror image that’s both aesthetically pleasing and symbolically rich. It’s a place that’s often associated with strength and vulnerability, perfect for a tattoo that encapsulates the balance of forces in the universe.

Fine line sun and moon clavical tattoo


Finger tattoos are all the rage for those who love minimalist art. Tiny suns and moons inked on the sides of your fingers or even as matching symbols on opposing hands make for a trendy and understated nod to these cosmic entities. What’s more, they’re as personal as a secret handshake, a small yet profound reminder of the light and darkness.

Sun and moon finger tattoo

Sun and moon thumb finger tattoo


The foot is a grounding spot, quite literally, making it an intriguing place to have a sun and moon tattoo. When inking your foot, you’re choosing a foundation to walk upon, a daily reminder of the cyclical nature of life with every step you take. This placement can be a conversation starter on beach days or a personal emblem during your most contemplative moments.

Sun and mandala moon foot tattoo


The forearm serves as an excellent canvas for a sun and moon tattoo, visible to the world and to you. Whether you choose to place them side by side or as a singular, blended design, the forearm allows for constant reflection and appreciation. It’s a place that can carry a sizable design or something small and delicate, suited to those who wear their heart on their sleeve, or in this case, their cosmic love.

sun and moon smiling face forearm tattoo

Sun and moon tattoo on inner forearm

Female with moon and sun forearm tattoo

Forearm sun and moon face tattoo


For those who like to make a statement, hand tattoos are the way to go. The sun and moon can grace the tops of your hands, or even find a place on your palms, turning your very touch into a celestial encounter. This is a bold choice, visible in almost every interaction. It is also a declaration of your affinity for the cosmos that you carry into the world with confidence.

Sun and moon face hand tattoo

Sun and moon sketch hand tattoo

Black and grey Sun and moon face hand tattoo

Colored Sun and moon hand tattoo

Above the Elbow

Tattoos above the elbow offer a classic look, a sweet spot that’s not too in-your-face yet not easily hidden away. A sun and moon tattoo here can be a personal reminder when you’re at work or a window into your personality in a casual tee. It’s versatile and more spacious than you might think, offering a great deal of creative freedom for your tattoo design.

Moon in sun tattoo above elbow


Planting a sun and moon tattoo on shoulder is like donning an armor of symbolism. The rounded anatomy of the shoulder is ideal for the circular shapes of these cosmic bodies. Picture this, its rays cascading down your arm, while the moon nestles into the other, a guardian through the night. It’s a spot that carries your tattoo that is visible in tank tops or peeking from a cut-off tee.

sun and moon shoulder blade tattoo

Sun and moon shoulder tattoo

Sun and moon with flowers shoulder blade tattoo

Simple sun and moon shoulder tattoo


Your foot is more than just a base—it’s a pathway. A sun and moon tattoo here? It’s like each step you take is governed by the forces of day and night. The foot’s contour complements the roundness of these celestial icons, making it a discreet, yet poignant choice. It could be a sun that rises as you stride forward, a moon that waxes and wanes with your movements. The design could be subtle, but oh-so striking when it catches someone’s eye as you kick off your shoes.

Sun and moon with eye tattoo on foot

Traditional sun and moon foot tattoo


Now, let’s flex those tattoo ideas with the bicep. This muscular canvas screams strength and can hold a sun and moon tattoo with a bold fierceness. Whether you’re lifting, waving, or simply reaching out, your bicep becomes a billboard for these astral symbols. Plus, the natural curve of the muscle lends itself beautifully to the round, embracing nature of sun and moon designs. It’s like they were made for each other.

Sun and moon bicep tattoo


Calf tattoos are for those who like to walk with a bit of celestial swagger. The elongated space of the calf muscle gives you the room to stretch out a sun and moon design, allowing for more detail and creativity. It’s a spot that’s both easy to show off and cover up, depending on the occasion. And let’s face it, there’s something about a calf tattoo that just looks cool, no matter how you’re dressed.

Sun and moon calf tattoo

Upper Arm

Upper arm tattoos are the bread and butter of the ink world, and for good reason. They’re versatile, relatively low on the pain scale, and provide a generous area for artists to work with. A sun and moon tattoo here is classic, whether it’s wrapped around the arm as a sleeve, or sitting neatly on the deltoid. And the upper arm gives you privacy control; it’s your call when the tattoo plays hide-and-seek beneath your sleeves.

Sun and moon faces upper arm tattoo


The sternum is a central stage, a place that commands attention with its symmetry and proximity to the heart. A sun and moon tattoo inked along the sternum brings balance and harmony right to your core. It’s an intimate placement, often hidden, but undeniably captivating in those moments when it’s revealed. There’s something inherently sensual and powerful about a sternum tattoo—it’s a secret shared on your terms.

Sun and moon sternum tattoo


Finally, let’s not forget the thigh—a vast and personal canvas. Thigh tattoos offer a private territory for larger, more intricate sun and moon designs. This area allows the wearer to go as big or as detailed as they dare without the constant public exposure. It’s for those who treat their tattoos as personal masterpieces, only on display for those they choose to share it with.

Floral sun and moon face thigh tattoo

Sun and moon faces thigh tattoo

Sun and moon female face thigh tattoo

Floral moon and sun thigh tattoo

Conclusion: A Celestial Symphony on Skin

Sun and moon tattoos are more than just body art; they are symbols of the balance and harmony that many seek in life. They remind us of the contrasting forces within us and the world, encouraging us to embrace them in their totality. These tattoos are a personal statement, a piece of art, and a philosophical reflection—all at once.

Whether you choose a sun and moon tattoo for its aesthetic beauty, its deep symbolism, or a combination of both, it’s a design that will carry a wealth of meaning for years to come. So as you contemplate the interplay of light and dark, sun and moon, on your skin, remember that you are capturing a piece of the universe itself, etched in ink, forever a part of you.

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