Unite with the NFL Community: Commemorate Patrick Mahomes’ Triumph Over Adversity!

As Brittany Mahomes has stated, she is indeed “riding with 15 always.” Whether in games or attending parties with her husband, Patrick Mahomes, the former soccer player never misses an opportunity to support her love in every situation. However, as she and the Kansas City Chiefs QB have become famous, gaining fans, the family has also earned some haters.


These detractors may be football enthusiasts, social media users, or even sports personalities or analysts. This time, when Mahomes faced criticism over his sideline meltdown, Brittany supported him, and as a result, the two faced equal backlash. However, this time, their followers came forward to back them up, as seen in a post recently shared by the mother of two.


Brittany Mahomes is the strength behind Patrick Mahomes!

After the Chiefs lost 17-20 to the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes faced criticism for his emotional reaction on the sidelines to a penalty call. Hateful comments flooded social media, labeling him a “cry baby” Amidst this, his wife, Brittany Mahomes, proud and supportive, decided to be his strength.


Despite the team’s back-to-back losses, the former soccer player expressed love for her husband in a sweet Instagram post. The post featured photos of the couple sharing a sweet embrace and a quick kiss before Sunday’s game, portraying a united front despite the challenges. She captioned it with, “Love this man.”

Additionally, this time, their fans came forward to celebrate their love and support them amid the hateful remarks directed at the couple, especially Mahomes.

KC loves the couple!

Brittany Mahomes’ IG post has garnered a lot of negative comments, from being doubted on marriage to being blamed as the “crybabies.” However, the KC fans and their die-hard followers seemed to support the couple as they came forward to back up the family. One fan suggested to the haters, “Did you know that if you don’t like this woman or her husband, you can simply not comment on her (very sweet) post?”


Someone sent their loʋe from KC, saying, “Kc loʋes you Ƅoth  so proud of you Ƅoth and all the hard work you put into kc ” Another one wrote, “Loʋe you guys such a Ƅeautiful couple.” A fan completed Brittany’s post caption, saying, “We do too Brittany! Don’t listen to the haters. Your family is loʋed and appreciated.”


Someone also chimed in, saying, “Chiefs Kingdom, loʋe him too! ” Although the couple has an innumeraƄle numƄer of haters, Ƅut their fans and their loʋe for the Mahomes’ family are proƄaƄly surpasses all of them.

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