This unusual Maine lobster, bi-colored in red and black, is considered “1 in 50 million”

This ultra-rare Maine lobster is gaining viral attention.

In locust land, black is the new orange.


A fisherman secured his place in lobster lore by capturing a strikingly calico-colored crustacean off the coast of Maine, as reported by CNN. This lobster, divided into black and orange halves reminiscent of Batman’s Two-Face, boasts a Halloween-themed hue due to a genetic aberration, scientists explain.


But before you rush to retrieve your lobster trap, consider that the likelihood of capturing such a specimen is incredibly slim, estimated at one in 50 million, akin to winning a Megabucks jackpot.

Captain Daryl Dunham, the fisherman responsible for snagging the piebald marine creature near certain islands southwest of Bar Harbor, generously donated it to the Maine Coastal Fisheries Center. The organization shared a photo of Dunham alongside the remarkable lobster on its Facebook page, remarking, “We’ve encountered numerous fascinating lobsters in our marine contact tank over the years, but this one might just be the first of its kind!”


The center extended an invitation to those intrigued by crustaceans to visit Discovery Wharf and “discover all about Maine’s iconic lobster fishery” and the remarkable bicolor lobster.

Following the post, a wave of reactions ensued, with one commenter jesting, “Looks half-baked!”

The bicolor lobster now shares a “contact tank” with three other creatures exhibiting anomalous pigments: two orange “freckled” crustaceans, with odds of one in 30 million, and a dark blue variety, with odds of one in two million.


However, visitors better hurry if they want a chance to see the main attraction. The two-toned lobster is scheduled to be released into New England waters, where it was found in mid-October, according to Fox News.

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