The Ultimate Guide to Irresistibly Cute Barbie-Inspired Nail Designs

If you just saw Barbie in theaters and now have a strong urge to get Barbie nails, you’re far from alone. The same thing happened to me…and countless others, apparently.

How do I know (other than being a beauty editor)? I posted an Instagram story asking for followers to send me their Barbie nails, assuming a handful of nail artists I know might send me their latest designs. But when I opened my inbox to check some hours later, I found dozens of DMs from women of all ages, locations, and demographics excited to share their own. There were so many I couldn’t keep track, let alone download each and every one and put it in this gallery. It was overwhelming! And touching, of course.

But mostly it was surprising. I thought Barbiemania would be on its way out now that it’s come for everything from modern relationships to luggage to shades of blonde. Clearly, it’s the contrary. The Greta Gerwig–directed blockbuster made us laugh and cry and laugh-cry so hard we all ran straight to our salons and nail polish collections.

“I definitely get more Barbie inspired manicure requests; everyone is getting their own version of barbie inspired manicure,” adds celebrity nail artist and OPI Global Ambassador Zola Ganzorigt. “Barbie is in every girl’s childhood memory and the new Barbie movie came out and it gave us a reason to bring our inner child out or getting out of our comfort zone and try pink.”

As for how to do your own Barbie nails at home? “Start by grabbing two to three of your favorite pink polishes, and create a multishade mani,” Mankin says. “With a simple dotting tool or small nail art brush, you can add swirls, polka dots, flowers, or even Barbie’s signature bubblegum plaid pattern.”

Don’t know where to start—or which shades to pick? You’re in luck: Several of our favorites have released Barbie-inspired shades and collections. For a perfect hot Barbie pink, try Sally Hansen’s newly launched Nostalchick (one of Lee’s favorites).

For more inspiration and Barbie nail ideas, keep scrolling. Ahead, see 26 Barbie nails for every kind of Barbie—yes, even Weird Barbie. And Ken.

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