The Mata Spiny Turtle: Exploring Nature’s Quirky Wonders

The Mata turtle , also known as the beast turtle, is the ugliest turtle on the planet because of its mutant ugly body. Their scientific name is Chelus fimbriata. The habitat of the Mata spiny turtle is mainly in the Amazon River region.


Mata spiny turtle is also known by the indigenous name Matamata, scientific name is Chelus fimbriata .


They are found in the Amazon and Orinoco river regions and are the only turtle species in the genus Chelus.


Natural habitat : Northern Bolivia, eastern Peru, Ecuador, eastern Colombia, Venezuela, Guianas, Brazil.


Mata spiny turtles have quite healthy and even persistent vitality.


They are sedentary creatures, which is easy to explain because they are animals that live in perfect camouflage to hunt and hide from enemies.


The Mata spiny turtle is one of the few ancient turtles left on earth.


They are turtles with extremely impressive and unique shapes. It is that special appearance that makes them masters of camouflage right from birth.


When they are small, they look like a dry leaf, but when they grow up, they look like a lifeless, motionless rock or piece of wood.


The long, tube-shaped nose facing up is an advantage for Mata turtles because they can lie completely in the water and still be able to breathe with only a very small part of the nostril protruding.


When mature, the Mata spiny turtle can reach a shell size of 45cm, a weight of 15kg or even more.

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