The head coach of the Warriors commented on Stephen Curry, saying, “If he doesn’t carry the load, no one else can shoulder this team.”

In Stephen Curry’s eyes at the match between the Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets on December 17, people saw a bit of anger and desire.

Warriors are in an extremely difficult period with 12 defeats in 16 matches. The team’s core team was so shaky that head coach Steve Kerr had to push Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins to the bench at important moments.

Personally, Stephen Curry is also not okay. In the last two matches, he missed 21 3-pointers in 28 attempts, a sign that the “chef” was having a bit of a mental problem.

And not to mention Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension…

Some people will give up everything and leave it to fate to see where the team will go during this time. But there are also people who want to do everything they can to turn the situation around.

The person in the latter group is Stephen Curry on December 17 in the match against the Brooklyn Nets.

“Chef” scored 37 points to lead the Warriors to a narrow 124-120 victory over the Eastern team. In the fourth quarter alone, Curry had about 6 and a half minutes to achieve a 100% shooting rate (7-7 FG), scored 16 points to decide the outcome of the match.


Not only did he attack brilliantly, Stephen also set a career-high record with 3 blocks. It can be seen that he wanted to do everything he could to bring this victory to Warriors fans and to the Golden State team in crisis.

“Maybe people won’t know but Stephen has been quite upset over the past few days after hearing the news about Draymond. Now to be honest, he (Curry – PV) will be the one who has to carry the team,” head coach Steve Kerr said about Curry after the victory.

“Particularly in this match, I felt like he couldn’t explode. Steph cooled down at the beginning of the match and seemed to follow the feel of the last two matches. But then like what Steph did in the past, he flipped the switch and put the whole team on his shoulders.

From the emotions of the past few days, Steph transformed it into explosive energy. It sounds obvious but this is something we really need right now. While many issues were distracting, the team’s number 1 star spoke up,” the Warriors captain added.


People often mention the Golden State Warriors’ skeleton with four names including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

But when none of this core quartet played consistently except Curry, he shined. And it seemed that on the day the “chef” led with an emotional match, Wiggins and Thompson also exploded.

Andrew Wiggins had 14 points with 4-9 FG in 27 minutes (coming from the bench), and Klay had his second consecutive game scoring well, pocketing 24 points today with 4 successful shots. No one is sure this will be stable and lasting, but it is still a positive signal.


Until Draymond Green plays again, the Golden State Warriors will need the trio of Curry – Thompson – Wiggins to shine regularly. The most important thing is still stability, something that Klay or Andrew have not yet achieved and contributes to the Warriors’ current difficulty.

Stephen Curry can still explode. But in the end, he still has times when he has to “play the role of a normal person” and then, another name from Golden State will need to speak up.

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