The fascinating video shows a two-headed snake launching a dual attack on two mice simultaneously.

Reptile expert Brian Barczyk filmed the mutated snake, named Ben and Jerry, eating two mice and the hish video has since gone viral.


He shared it with his fans on Instagram and said: “So, my two-headed snake, Ben and Jerry, are eating right now. In reality, they don’t always eat at the same time, in this case, they both eat from each side.”


The brown and yellow snake is seen swallowing the baby mice slowly but, as it only has one digestive system, some viewers asked if it would choke on the food.

One loyal fan commented: “If you watch his vlog he mentions one of them, I think Jerry, he won’t take food unless Ben is already eating and for the most part Ben eats all the time but he also tried to get Ben involved. Jerry. ”

Another wrote: “That’s crazy! “I can’t wait to get back to Michigan and see the place!” A third asked: “Would anyone care to explain how a two-headed snake arises… how does this ᴍuᴛᴀᴛɪoɴ happen?”


The snake has a condition called bicephaly, and it occurs due to the incomplete division of an embryo. Interestingly, Ben and Jerry are one of an estimated 10,000 snakes with the condition.

Most snakes with this condition do not survive for long, but Ben and Jerry seem to be an exception. Barczyk explained that “99.9% of two-headed animals never reach their first birthday, but once they survive to adulthood, like Ben and Jerry are, they usually live full lives.”

Barczyk said he expects the animal to live between 20 and 25 years, explaining that they can eat separately but share the same digestive system. "Brian

Apparently Barczyk, who works at a reptile zoo in Michigan, US, bought the snake from a friend. “I had to beg him for half a year until he sold me,” Barczyk said.

“We have about 10 unique animals [at the Reptarium], including Ben and Jerry, also a two-headed turtle, and several one-of-a-kind ᴀʟʙɪɴo and one-of-a-kind ᴍuᴛᴀᴛɪoɴs.”

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