The Deadliest Indian Serpent Invades Poultry Farm, Sending Villagers into Panic

India is a country with a diverse range of flora and fauna, including some of the most venomous snakes in the world. Recently, a highly venomous snake entered a chicken farm in India, causing a potentially dangerous situation. In this article, we will discuss the rescue of this deadly snake and the precautions to take when dealing with venomous snakes.


India is home to several venomous snakes, including the Indian cobra, king cobra and Russell’s viper. However, the snake that entered the chicken farm was the common krait, considered the most venomous snake in India. This species of snake is known for its highly toxic venom, which can cause respiratory failure and even death in humans.


When the deadly snake was spotted at the chicken farm, the owner immediately contacted a team of snake catchers to handle the situation. The snake catchers arrived at the farm with specialized equipment, including snake tongs and protective gear. They carefully located the snake and slowly approached it, avoiding any sudden movements that might provoke the snake.


Once the snake was safely captured, it was transported to a nearby forest area and released back into the wild. Snake catchers stressed the importance of not killing venomous snakes and instead contacting trained professionals to handle the situation.

Precautions when dealing with poisonous snakes:

Encounters with venomous snakes can be dangerous and life-threatening. It is important to take precautions when dealing with these creatures to avoid unnecessary risks. Some of the precautions to take when dealing with venomous snakes include:

Avoid provoking the snake by making sudden movements or loud noises. Always wear protective equipment, such as gloves and boots, when handling snakes. Contact trained professionals, such as snake catchers, to handle the situation. Do not attempt to capture or kill venomous snakes on your own.


In conclusion, the recent intrusion of a deadly snake into a chicken farm in India highlights the importance of taking precautions when dealing with venomous snakes. The common krait, considered India’s most venomous snake, can pose life-threatening encounters. It is essential to contact professionals trained to handle these situations and take precautions to avoid unnecessary risks.

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