The Cabrito, boasting astonishing 19-inch ears, holds the potential to break a Guinness World Record

Simba was born in Karachi, Pakistan, about two weeks ago and rose to fame.

Nubian goats have the longest ears of any species, but Simba’s are even longer.

The owner, Muhamad Hassan Narejo, has shared nice photos of his new position.

A newborn goat could be named the world record holder within days of being born with unusually long ears measuring 19 inches.

Simba the goat, which means lion in Swali, was born in Karachi, Pakistan, just a few days ago, but he has already become a local celebrity.

The adorable goat is thought to be around two weeks old and its ears are so long that they drag on the ground as it walks.

Simba’s owner, Muhamad Hassan Narejo, already has a fondness for Simba and said: “We hope that soon Simba will be a Guinness World Record holder.”


You have a GOAT to be KIDDING! Simba’s ears look like Dumbo’s, and he seems very proud of them too. He has quickly become a local celebrity in Pakistan due to his unusually long ears.


Nose to nose: Simba and his owner already seem to have a special bond since he was born just a few days ago in Karachi, Pakistan.


Simba’s ears could soon enter the world record books, as he is believed to have the longest ears of any goat in the world. They don’t seem to bother him though!

He was born on a goat farm in the largest city of Pakistan called Nagra Farm.

Goat farming is a very common business in Pakistan, partly because they adapt to the variety of terrain.

There is currently no goat that holds a Guinness World Record for longest ears, but there are dogs that hold the same honor.

Simba, the goat with 19-inch ears, could obtain the Guinness record


As soon as Simba was born, it became clear that his ears were unique, but even when he struggled to walk for the first time, he didn’t seem to mind.


Simba’s owner, Muhamad Hassan Narejo, is already fond of Simba and said: “We hope that soon Simba will have a Guinness World Record.”


Now Simba is a little more stable on his feet and has no problems with his beautiful ears, which at 48 cm long can drag on the ground while running.


The boy looks ready to take off with these giant flaps, but seems to prefer the ground unless he is with his owner. Videos taken by visitors show him very uncomfortable when picked up by less experienced goat lovers.


Simba must be careful not to get too big for his boots (he is still being hand-fed and has a lot to learn about himself) and how to keep his beautiful ears from getting tangled in the wind.

Simba’s long ears are probably the result of a genetic mutation or genetic disorder, but he seems to get along just fine.

Goats generally tend to have long ears, but Nubian goats, which are supposedly of the Simba breed, have the longest ears of all the species.

Goat ears serve a very important purpose as they help keep them cool in warm temperatures.

In Pakistan temperatures vary due to varying terrain, but in summer maximum temperatures can reach 47°C.Fortunately for Simba, temperatures tend to be significantly lower, but they are still very hot, regularly reaching the mid-thirties in summer.

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