Thai Locals Uncover and Raise Unique Four-Legged Chickens: A Fascinating Discovery!

They advise against harming the chicks, but you would be exempt for damaging the legs of this chick recorded in Thailand. The video from Zagreb shows several amused residents laughing as they film a four-legged chick wandering around in search of food. Completely indifferent to the situation, the chicken’s other two deformed legs follow it and drag it along the ground as it moves. A woman picks up the chick and brings it closer to the camera, and the bird seems bewildered by the attention it has received.


The video concludes with a close-up of the chicken minding its own business, seemingly content with its additional body parts. Surprisingly, four-legged chickens are not as rare as many people might think.


The chicken seems completely indifferent to having two extra legs as it wanders around, dragging them behind it. The video concludes with the filmmaker taking a close-up of the chicken’s extra legs.

In 2005, a live chicken was found among 36,000 other birds on a farm in the United States. Named Henrietta, the bird managed to go unnoticed for 18 months at Brengle Farms in Somerset, Pennsylvania, before being discovered by a foreman. Farmer Mack Brengle’s 13-year-old daughter Ashley named the chicken and asked to keep it as a family pet. The bird had two normal front legs, but behind them were two more, which were dragged backwards when Henrietta walked, exactly like the chicken that appears in this video.

The condition called polymelia is a birth defect that causes people to have more limbs, which are usually shrunken or deformed. Sometimes this can occur when an embryo begins to develop as conjoined twins. Before a twin stops growing, it leaves the remaining developments (often limbs) of the underdeveloped twin attached to the body of the living baby.

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