Swift Turtle Seizes Swan’s Network in the Blink of an Eye

The turtle attacked and took the swallow’s life in the blink of an eye

One of the extremely unbelievable encounters that occurs in nature is a giant turtle attacking a seabird and taking its life, devouring its prey.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology who witnessed the encounter first-hand describe the event as completely unexpected, it involved the large reptile and a tern living on the island Frégate of Seychelles, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean.

This is the first time researchers have filmed a turtle hunting in the wild. They have previously seen them eat bones and snail shells to get calcium.

Researchers believe this behavior is due to an estimated 265,000 large tree-nesting population of nodular terns and 3,000 tortoises living closely on the island.

The bird fell from the tree, stood on a log where the giant turtle was nearby, it slowly approached and attacked its prey. The attack lasted more than seven minutes, killing the bird, becoming a delicious meal for the turtle.

The video shows the turtle standing near the area where the bird fell, indicating that this type of hunting happens frequently.

The adult female turtle moves at a normal speed, straight towards the target. When at close range, it opens its large mouth and captures its prey. The bird tried to defend itself by pecking at the turtle but its efforts were in vain.

On the Galapagos and Seychelles islands, giant tortoises are the largest herbivores, eating up to 11% of the vegetation. They also play an important role in seed dispersal, vegetation breakdown, and rock erosion.

Anna Zora, manager of the Frégate Island reserve, who filmed the turtle hunting said: “When I saw the turtle moving strangely, I sat and watched. When I realized it was moving hunting, I started filming”.

Dr Justin Gerlach, Director of Biological Research at the University of Cambridge, said: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing. This is amazing. It was looking straight at the tern, walking back That side has a purpose. This action is very strange, completely different from the normal behavior of turtles.”


The unique swimming competition takes place in one country but across two continents, Asia and Europe

This is the only swimming competition in the world that takes place in one country but across two continents, Asia and Europe.

Hoang Dung (abridged translation)

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