Stunning Crocodile Nail Designs to Spark Creativity


Nude color with white or black crocodile print manis is elegant and beautiful. Paired with French tips, gold accessories, or Ombre styling, your alligator mani will instantly stand out.




2. Amazing Alligator Print Coffin Nails

Coffin Manis are already at the forefront of fashion and with the gorgeous crocodile print, the fusion of the two will become the most brilliant fashion nail art. The most classic black mani with crocodile print is the first option. The creative crocodile prints in blue and brown are also worth trying.


3. French tips and crocodile print nails

The French style is always the trendiest and there is likely something for every nail style. Crocodile print mixed with French style is definitely right.



4. Longer Alligator Manicure

Longer nails are more luxurious. With the crocodile print, your manicure will instantly become the center of attention.



5. Crocodile print nail color ideas

Brown, white, green and the classic black and white contrast, you can try any color for your crocodile print mani. And crocodile prints are often used with dot prints, flame prints and also sweater nail styles.

6. Simple Crocodile Print Mani

If you’re into minimalism, try these easy crocodile manis next. There aren’t too many ornate decorations, just a simple crocodile print or some other simple patterns.

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