Stephen Curry’s record-breaking streak for the longest three-pointers in NBA history has come to an end, but as they say, every setback is a setup for a comeback.

After all, Stephen Curry is still human, not a machine or an alien. Like many other players, the greatest thrower in world basketball history also had days when he was cold and completely empty-handed from outside the 3-point range.

During the away trip to the Portland Trail Blazers’ stadium that just ended on the morning of December 18, Stephen Curry did not shoot a single 3-point shot (0-8 3PT) in 31 minutes on the court, ending a streak of 268 consecutive games. always have at least 1 3-point shot.

Stephen Curry did not have any successful 3-pointers in the match against Portland Trail Blazers on December 18. He only had 8 assists and 7 points (2-12 FG and 0-8 3PT) in 31 minutes of play.

The last time the Golden State star was empty-handed from beyond the 3-point arc was November 8, 2018, the match he shot 0-4 3PT in a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

After that, Curry always had at least one successful 3-point shot in 268 consecutive Regular Season games, setting an unprecedented record in the NBA before his streak was interrupted in this morning’s match.

If you include the Playoffs period, Stephen Curry’s 3-point “near” happened more recently when he did not have any successful long throws in Game 5 NBA Finals 2022. Looking further into the past, Curry only had 10 games without a 3-point shot in the last 10 years.

Stephen Curry’s streak of 268 Regular Season games with at least one successful 3-pointer per game was broken.

Before losing this special series, Stephen Curry broke many records related to 3-point shooting. He once held the record of 157 consecutive games with at least 1 3-point shot from 2014 to 2016, breaking the old record of player Kyle Korver (127 games).

Yesterday (December 17), the Warriors star just reached the milestone of 3,500 successful 3-pointers in his career. In addition, he also opened this season with 13 consecutive games with at least 4 3-pointers per game, something no other player has ever done.

After the “chef” was interrupted, the number 1 position will belong to Damian Lillard. The Milwaukee Bucks player has 101 consecutive games of hitting at least 1 3-pointer in the Regular Season. Cameron Johnson is the one standing. Monday with a 3-point streak at 50 games.

Although he can no longer extend this special 3-point streak, Stephen Curry’s record of 268 consecutive games with at least 1 3PTM is still very difficult to break.

On the rare day of Stephen Curry’s “cold hands”, the Golden State Warriors were fortunate to have the brilliance of their supporting duo to preserve the final victory with a score of 124-120.

Klay Thompson had his third straight game scoring over 20 points, leading the team with 28 points with 11-16 FG. Andrew Wiggins, who has been criticized a lot recently, had a good performance despite coming from the bench, scoring 25 points (9-12 FG).

If Curry hadn’t hit any 3-pointers, Thompson and Wiggins would have exploded for Stephen. The duo hit 9 of 13 3-pointers, achieving a success rate of nearly 70% this game.

Golden State Warriors fans are hoping that this will be a turning point in both form and spirit for the team to turn around the season and overcome Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension.

In his next appearance, Stephen Curry will hope to create a new 3-point shooting streak and work towards victory with his teammates against the Boston Celtics. The match will take place at Chase Center Stadium on Wednesday morning Vietnam time.

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