Simba the Baby Goat: A Potential Guinness World Record Holder with 19-inch Long Ears, Truly the G.O.A.T!

Just like in the movie Dumbo, some animals are born with extraordinarily big ears – and what makes them different also makes them very special. Big-eared animals can win hearts around the world and even end up in the record books.image

A goat named Simba from Karachi, Pakistan, is making headlines for his unusually long ears, measuring 54 cm (about 22 inches). He’s aiming to set a new world record with his distinctive feature.


Simba’s owner, Mohammad Hasan Narejo, a goat breeder, stated that Simba has become a media sensation in Pakistan. He mentioned to AFP that within just a month, Simba has gained fame comparable to that of celebrities, bringing unprecedented attention to both Simba and himself.

“He has not only made me proud, but Pakistan too,” Mohammad expressed to AFP.


“Within 10 to 12 days of his birth, Simba was already making appearances in national and international media – and even won a beauty contest,” Mohammad recounted.

Mohammad is convinced that Simba likely possesses the longest ears of any goat in the world and is determined to make it official. Unfortunately, Guinness World Records does not have a category for “Longest Goat Ears.”


The owner asserted that diligent efforts had been underway to authenticate the claim with Guinness World Records. “Our application has been acknowledged,” he disclosed to the Times of India. “In approximately 10 to 12 weeks, a delegation from Guinness World Records will visit Pakistan to conduct measurements on Simba’s ears.”

Guinness World Records maintains records for various extraordinary feats, including the longest dog ears, longest rabbit ears, longest bat ears, and even the longest human ear hair. Given this breadth of categories, there appears to be ample room for Simba to carve out a niche as well.


While awaiting confirmation into the record books, Simba continues to thrive, relishing in the spotlight and gaining local celebrity status. Special harnesses are employed to safeguard his remarkable ears, ensuring they remain protected. Mohammad goes to great lengths spiritually to ensure Simba’s safety, underscoring his deep care and commitment to the well-being of his beloved goat.


“We recite Quranic verses and blow on him to cast away the evil eye,” he told AFP. “Following a long tradition we inherited from our elders, we have fastened a black thread around him that is fortified with Quranic verses.”

Simba is now reportedly living a “pampered existence” in Karachi, and the owner hopes that Simba’s fame is only just beginning.


“Simba’s Pakistan name must roam the whole world,” Mohammad said.



Wow, that is one incredible, unique goat! We hope Simba gets to set an official world record and continues living his best life!

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