Piglet Born With Two Legs Defies Odds, Learns to Walk on Front Legs

Three weeks ago, an adorable miniature pig named Miracle was born on a farm in Colorado. Miracle was born without his hind legs but the little piglet has proven to be a fighter. The pig was born in July and could have struggled to make it through its first few weeks as a piglet, according to its owner.


Ari Smith, a mini pig breeder and the founder of Colorado Cutie Pigs, initially doubted that Miracle would survive without his hind legs. However, Smith took on the challenge of nurturing the piglet through its infancy, eventually aiding it in learning to stand on its own two feet, albeit the only ones he had. Initially, walking on two legs proved to be a daunting task for Miracle. He stumbled and fell repeatedly. Yet, through his resilience and Smith’s dedicated care, after a month of persistent effort, Miracle managed to walk on his two legs.

Although Miracle faced challenges due to his disability, he adapted to his circumstances by maneuvering on his front legs instead.


“It was amazing to watch because he doesn’t know anything’s wrong with him. He just thinks [how he walks] is normal,” Smith told.


Miracle navigates the farm with ease, confidently trotting around on his front legs. Despite his ability to adapt, Smith plans to have a custom wheelchair made for him to enhance his mobility further. She’s reaching out to others, appealing for support to provide Miracle with his own wheelchair.

Remarkably, Miracle’s disability hasn’t dampened his spirits; in fact, he appears even happier and more playful than before.


Colorado Cutie Pigs has extended its search to the local community, seeking someone capable of providing the specialized care that Miracle requires and offering him a forever home. The hope is that Miracle will gradually acclimate to his wheelchair and ultimately find a permanent and loving residence.

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