Nail Elegance Unleashed: Discover 35+ Irresistible Nail Ideas Redefining Glamour in the Latest Trends of the Year!

2021 is finally here and I’m so ready for some new trends! Color is becoming more and more popular and the trends for 2021 just seem happier in general.

The 2021 nail trends are no exception! I’m especially loving the light blues and sage green tones. Everything is very colorful yet muted; extremely vibrant colors aren’t super in right now. Look to pastel variants and dark, soft tones instead of bright punk pop tones.

Alternatively, you can find a lot of great press-on nails on Etsy in tons of cool patterns. I love having some of these trendy press-on nails in my nail drawer in case I don’t have a chance to get my nails done!

39. Geometric Leaf Design

38. Blue/Grey Abstract Design

37. Pointed Gold Tips

36. Blue & White Abstract Design

35. Blue & White Cloud Shades

34. Deep Blue Natural Design

33. Green & Tangerine Design

32. Shades Of Brown

31. White & Gold Marble

30. Black Tips

29. Pale Color Swirls

28. Brown Marble Design

27. Green Geometric Design

26. Soft Pink Marble

25. Blue Tips

24. Blue & White Cloud Print

23. Cow Print Tips

22. Green & Nude Floral

21. Pink Flower & Greenery Design

20. Gold Tips

19. Clear With White Tips & Accents

18. Blue & Pink Marble

17. Matte Accent Design

16. Soft Color Marble Design

15. Face Art

14. Pink Marble Shades

13. Blue & Nude Design

12. Soft Spring Flowers

11. Shades Of Pink

10. Tangerine & Clear Design

9. Black & Clear Cow Print

8. Mauve Nail Design

7. Clear Cow Print

6. Gold, White, & Nude Marble

5. Geometric Matte

4. Black & White Cow Print

3. Multicolored Tips

2. Purple Clouds

1. Pale Yellow With Flowers

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