Moving Scene: Beloved Dog’s Painful Moans as Mouth is Trapped by Tangle of Spies

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thor, a golden-brown dog, was found impaled with multiple yellow spikes by his owner. Adriao Bertolini, who is currently unemployed, launched an online fundraising campaign to cover the vet’s expenses. Fortunately, local councilor Dr. José Roberto Apolari intervened, taking Thor to the clinic and assisting with the costs.


It’s believed that three-year-old Thor engaged in a second fight with a pig that year, resulting in severe injuries. After discovering Thor impaled on pork quills, Bertolini urgently contacted Iteret for assistance in saving him.


“Good morning, friends…” he tweeted. “I woke up to find my dog in this condition… Is there a clinic or vet that can help him? I’m afraid I can’t afford it.”

Upon seeing the plea from the dog’s owner, councilor Dr. José Roberto Apolari decided to step in and offer assistance.


“Dr. Apolari was the angel in my dog’s life since I couldn’t afford a private vet,” Adriao wrote on Facebook. “Now I am unemployed and I have four children at home.”

According to Adriao, the councilor took Thor to the clinic, assisted with the expenses, and then brought Thor back home.


According to Thor’s records, this is the dog’s second injury. In February 2021, a friend of Adriao, who worked at a private veterinary clinic at the time, treated the injured dog.


The condition of the porcupine after being attacked by the dog was not immediately reported.

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