Model Elevates her Top to Proudly Showcase her Tattoos to Fans, Declaring ‘Tattoos are Undeniably Cool!

A tattoo model has showed off her ink in a saucy new snap.

US stunner Essie, who boasts 49,900 followers on Instagram, took to the site to show off her body designs, as she told fans she thinks tattoos are “cool”.

The photo saw the blonde bombshell take a mirror selfie as she put her ink on full display.

Essie lifted up her top to show various designs, including a butterfly inking on her torso, as well as two tiger tattoos.

She also showed off her arm sleeves and hand inking in the process too.

Sexing up the image, the stunner had ditched her bra as she gave fans a cheeky flash of her underboob.

Model Essie lifts up her T-shirt and she shows off her tattoos
She was seen lifting up her top to flash her tattoos (Image: itbabyessie/Instagram)

She teamed her flesh-flashing display with a seductive open-mouth pose as she was seen gazing into the mirror.

Essie accessorised her black T-shirt and bottoms with an array of silver jewellery, including rings, a bracelet and chain necklace.

She also sported glowing makeup while wearing her long longs in tumbling ringlets.

Captioning the post, Essie simply wrote: “Tattoos are cool.”

It seemed her fans agreed, with the post racking up more than 4,000 likes.

Tattoo model Essie poses in a black bra
The stunner is known for sharing sexy snaps online (Image: itbabyessie/Instagram)
Model Essie poses topless as she shows off her back tatoo
She recently went topless as she showed off her new back tattoo (Image: @itbabyessie/Instagram)

One told her: “You definitely have some cool tattoos,” while another said they were “drooling” over the snap.

A third chimed in: “Absolutely lovely indeed,” as a fourth begged her to get some face tattoos.

We’ll have to wait and see if she takes the request onboard in her future posts.

Essie has been wowing with her sexy posts lately, with the model going naked to flaunt her ink last week.

She also went topless in another racy snap as she showed off her new back tattoo to fans.

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