Mia Unwraps Her Christmas Wishlist in the Aftermath of Patrick Mahomes’ Holiday Escapades

This holiday season, the Mahomes family is making its presence felt beyond the confines of TV every Sunday and your Instagram feed. From Patrick Mahomes dressing up as Rudolph for his family to his sister Mia Randall preparing her gift list for Santa Claus, the Mahomes family is embracing the festive spirit. This Christmas time is looking to be special for them.

Adding to the holiday cheer, the NFL power couple now also has a home in Times Square, making it a season to remember just in time for Christmas. Recently, Patrick Mahomes’ mother shared a video of his sister Mia Mahomes, who is quite excited for this year’s Christmas as she has prepared a list of gifts that she wants from Santa Claus.


Patrick Mahoмes’ sister explains the reasons Ƅehind her Christмas gift

Patrick Mahoмes and his faмily always celebrate Christмas with full zest and energy. This tiмe, they’ʋe Ƅeen sharing their preparation for the holiday on social мedia, froм a мonth ago. Well, aмid this, Randi Mahoмes has shared an Instagraм Story where she uploaded a video of Mahoмes’s half-sister Mia Randall talking aƄout her aspirations for this year’s gifts.


So, she had a whole set-up where she prepared a presentation on the projector. At the top of the presentation, it was written ‘Apple Pencil,’ followed by the reasons given by Mia as to why she needs it. She said, “So this one’s here is for school. And I want it for school because I want to write notes on my iPad.”

Then she gets asked why she doesn’t just opt to use paper instead. Adorably, Mia replied, “The thing about paper, I don’t like paper.” So, it’s safe to say that she’s quite keen on getting an Apple pencil for this Christmas. Well, she’s not the only one excited for the holiday; even her brother has started preparing for it.

Patrick Mahoмes dresses up as Rudolph the reindeer

A week ago, Brittany Mahomes shared an Instagram Story where she humorously showcased a happy moment with her husband, Patrick Mahomes. This was quite unusual since Mahomes seems to be typically composed in most cases, but in the video, he let loose a bit as he was dressed in the Rudolph outfit for Christmas. The whole time, Mahomes could be seen smiling, and even Brittany couldn’t stop herself from giggling at the hilarious sight.

Patrick Mahomes grabbed this chance to show the world a different side to his demeanor as he donned a brown reindeer outfit complete with horns. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback pulled off the festive look perfectly, adding a touch of charm to the holiday season. However, the photo took a hilarious turn as the red nose was spotted on his head instead of the nose.

Well, this was one of the moments where the fans adored the antics of the quarterback. Both sister and brother are looking to be well-prepared for this year. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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