Maria Sharapova’s Shocking Bedroom Revelations Unveiled – A Stunning Revelation in the World of Glamour

In an interesting test a few years ago, people measured Maria Sharapova’s scream on the court at 101 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a plane landing, and only slightly less than the roar of 110 decibels. of lion.


Maria Sharapova.

At Wimbledon in 2015, British Prime Minister David Cameron recommended that spectators watching matches with Sharapova play should wear earplugs. Some people even said they had to turn off the TV sound if they didn’t want to be startled by the Russian beauty’s screams.

Yet on the contrary, when going to bed, Sharapova is gentle and gentle like a true doll, according to one of her lovers, Adam Levine. It is known that Adam and Masha dated for a short time in 2007, but then they broke up and Adam once attracted attention when he said Sharapova did not know… moan. She “just lay motionless and silent to selfishly enjoy the pleasure”.

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