Maria Sharapova’s Love Chronicles: Dating Seven Suitors, Navigating the Waters of Romance

In September 2017, Maria Sharapova released the book “Unstoppable” about her life and the book has a notable chapter mentioning Sharapova’s relationship with tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, a relationship that lasted 3 years. year.

Tình trường của Maria Sharapova: Hẹn hò 7 chàng, từng "bắt cá hai tay" - Ảnh 1.
Sharapova was still passionate about Dimitrov.

Dimitrov proactively approached Sharapova for her number and although Sharapova was initially hesitant, Dimitrov’s infatuation and relentless pursuit brought them together. But after 3 years, they broke up when Sharapova realized that while Dimitrov’s career was progressing, the Russian female tennis player was taking steps backwards.

Until now, Sharapova has not been married despite dating many people, from fellow tennis players to stars in other sports, or even a singer and the son of a famous television mogul. and now British businessman Alexander Gilkes. She revealed that she used to “play both hands”, dating two people at the same time…

Maria Sharapova is said to have dated American tennis player Andy Roddick for 1 year between 2005 and 2006, but it seems their relationship only stopped at the rumor level. Roddick in several interviews said about Sharapova that they were good friends and that Roddick even stood up for Sharapova when she was caught up in a doping scandal.

Sharapova later became engaged to Slovenian basketball player Sasha Vujacic, who is mainly known as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers squad in the American professional NBA league. They got engaged in 2010, but in the spring of 2012, Sharapova proactively broke up.

Tình trường của Maria Sharapova: Hẹn hò 7 chàng, từng "bắt cá hai tay" - Ảnh 2.
Sharapova was once engaged to basketball player Sasha Vujacic.

Vujacic was still having an unfinished playing career and in 2011, the NBA was having a strike, forcing many NBA players to go abroad to play football to stay in shape while waiting for the NBA to resume play. This caused Vujacic to compete in Türkiye and it became more and more difficult for him and Sharapova to interact with each other.

Even though they broke up, their relationship was not broken. However, in 2015 Vujacic confirmed that he would not return to Sharapova, even though she had just broken up with Grigor Dimitrov not long before.

Singer, businessman and “two-timing fisherman”

Sharapova briefly dated handsome singer Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5. They met at Sharapova’s 18th birthday party in 2005, but the relationship didn’t go anywhere.

In 2008, Sharapova briefly dated Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC television CEO Dick Ebersol and Charlie is also a businessman and television producer.

Sharapova was injured at that time and while she was recuperating, she often appeared at events where the Ebersol family were special guests. However, the two later broke up in 2008.

Tình trường của Maria Sharapova: Hẹn hò 7 chàng, từng "bắt cá hai tay" - Ảnh 3.
Sharapova next to Charlie Ebersol.

After the doping incident in 2016, Sharapova was not allowed to compete and during that time she was, in Sharapova’s own words in Vogue magazine, “trying to do things she had never done before”. She drank more and was not afraid to reveal that she was dating two people at the same time. “I don’t know why I did it, I just thought it was new and I liked it,” Sharapova said.

Tình trường của Maria Sharapova: Hẹn hò 7 chàng, từng "bắt cá hai tay" - Ảnh 4.
Sharapova shared about her 3-year love affair with Dimitrov in a book released in 2017.

Currently, Sharapova is happy with famous British businessman Alexander Gilkes. The two got engaged not long ago and they continuously travel around the world to “warm up” their relationship.

The 34-year-old tennis player has repeatedly emphasized the importance of her travels around the world to her passion for art and architecture. Recently, Sharapova posted photos in the ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The journey to explore scenic spots in Croatia is fully updated on the Russian star’s Instagram page.

Tình trường của Maria Sharapova: Hẹn hò 7 chàng, từng "bắt cá hai tay" - Ảnh 5.
“Russian Doll” is very happy with her rich businessman boyfriend.

According to Forbes magazine, even though she retired in February 2020, Masha is still a super “money-making machine”. The net worth of the former world number 1 is currently about 180 million USD. Sharapova is currently very successful as the owner of the global candy brand Sugarpova and the skin care company Sugargoop. The blonde girl is currently devoting most of her time to the candy line called “Sugarpova”. This could be a simile showing that Sharapova’s sweetness will be the soul of this product line.

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