LeBron James Makes Grand Gesture of Love in New York with Lavish Surprise for Wife Savannah

Los Angeles Lakers star player LeBron James has spent over 21 years building a lucrative NBA career. Aside from the money he earned from his various contracts with different teams, James has made use of his successful athlete image to build an impressive business empire, which has allowed him to generate a net worth in the billions. While he has made use of that money to accumulate several impressive items, it has also provided him the freedom to not give second thoughts on exorbitantly expensive romantic gestures for his wife, Savannah James.

Former Lakers player and 2019 CBA champion Michael Beasley recently sat down for an interview with Playmaker. During the conversation, the 35-year-old athlete recalled how he once went out with LeBron James to an Italian restaurant when the duo was in New York. As they sat down, both of their attention fell upon a picture on the wall. The painting was for sale, priced at an astonishing $100,000.

The four-time NBA champion was more infatuated with the picture than his counterpart. A few minutes after first catching a glimpse of the same, Beasley recalled how James ended up calling his wife and asking her to do a ‘photoshoot’ just like the person in the picture.

“What you do that for?” Beasley recalls asking James at that moment. “He had the owner come over and the thing was like 100,000, 50,000, like maybe more, but he told ‘Do I want to buy it’ so now I’m like really like ‘Bro, what you about to do?’”.

James’ response was something that Beasley would now go on to state as the most ‘romantic’ thing he had seen.

“He literally said ‘I’mma have my wife recreate the photo shoot, I’mma put this one in storage and I’m gonna hang my wife’s in the house” Beasley added during the conversation.

For someone who believed that women desired nothing more than “flowers on a Thursday”, the Shanghai Sharks player couldn’t help but be impressed by his former teammate’s expensive gesture.

LeBron James once used a six-figure gift to propose to Savannah

Dwyane Wade once famously said that LeBron James was the “cheapest player in the NBA”. Fans of the Lakers star, however, have seldom seen that avatar of him when it comes to spoiling himself and his loved ones. Even when it came to finally popping the question to his wife, James took the expensive route.

James reportedly brought a $300,000 ring that he eventually used to ask for his then-girlfriend’s hand in marriage. Too nervous to carry it around himself, the young player used Dwyane Wade’s help to hold it for him on the big night. More than the price of the ring, however, James was concerned about how the whole situation would turn out to be.

“I was nervous. It felt like before a finals game,” said LeBron during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. “I had been thinking about it for a while, but it just came to me one day and I was like, ‘This is a part of growth for me.’”

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