Kendall Jenner: The Ultimate Love Hunter in the NBA – A Star-Studded Roster Unveiled

Since her silent breakup with Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner has been almost silent and no longer appears much in the NBA. Fans jokingly say that the Kardashian supermodel is in the process of hunting, looking for another superstar at the tournament to add to the list of players who have passed her by. her.

Pretty and talented, but Kendall Jenner is not popular with NBA fans

At the age of 27, it’s clear that there are few supermodels who still maintain their “hotness” like Kendall Jenner. After so many years in the profession, Kendall Jenner is still the most sought-after name at famous fashion shows. That’s why the private life of the girl born in 1995, especially her love life and the “golden rule” of only loving “checkered boys” always receives attention from fans.

Let’s take a look at the list of NBA stars who have fallen into the net of the beautiful Kardashian model as well as the players who accidentally got into love scandals because of appearing next to this beauty.

Kendall Jenner: Thợ săn tình ái bậc nhất tại NBA cùng bảng danh sách toàn sao - Ảnh 2.
Devin Booker is one of the boyfriends who can be said to have the most beautiful love relationship besides Kendall Jenner

As the latest name to date Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker is almost the NBA star with the most beautiful love affair next to the Kardashian family. The Phoenix Suns star had a passionate period that lasted from April 2020 to November 2022. Among the boyfriends who were former NBA players, Devin Booker was rated highest by Kendall Jenner’s relatives for connecting and attending Kardashian family events.

The two also spent some time apart to understand each other better. However, everything later returned to normal when Devin Booker actively sought out and admitted his mistakes. However, both of their busy schedules once again became an obstacle, causing the couple to break up. According to information shared by relatives of Kendall Jenner, they both wanted to focus on their careers and decided to end their love story even though they had learned about each other, met each other’s families, and had been rumored by the press. Guess the wedding of the century.

Kendall Jenner: Thợ săn tình ái bậc nhất tại NBA cùng bảng danh sách toàn sao - Ảnh 3.
Kendall Jenner has not been afraid to go to the court and cheer on Blake Griffin since publicly announcing her love affair with the then-Detroit Pistons player.

Back in 2017, just 2 months after the 1995 supermodel broke up with male rapper A$AP Rocky, Blake Griffin appeared and the press had something to say about Kendall Jenner. In September 2017, US Weekly reported that Kendall Jenner had overcome the sadness of the breakup and landed on Blake Griffin’s dock.

Although she is considered one of the top female “hunters” in the NBA, it cannot be denied that Kendall Jenner is always serious in love affairs. That is shown through the fact that she does not hesitate to share and publicly reveal her happiness. Responding to Vouge in early March 2018, the beauty frankly said: “Blake is very good and I am very happy with him”. However, since the above interview, the two also “went their separate ways”.

Kendall Jenner: Thợ săn tình ái bậc nhất tại NBA cùng bảng danh sách toàn sao - Ảnh 4.
Ben Simmons is also one of the boyfriends who has spent a lot of ink in the press since appearing alongside Kendall Jenner

After only 2 months since breaking up with Blake Griffin, Kendall Jenner shocked all NBA fans when she once again successfully “baited” then-Philadelphia 76ers superstar Ben Simmons. The young couple soon continued to captivate fans’ eyes with public dating photos on social networks during trips, or romantic times together.

But like every other guy, Ben Simmons also has his own problems and their love story is constantly challenged through times when the mirror is broken and healed. At the end of 2019, the couple once again caught the attention of the press when they reunited before the end of the 2010s.

Besides the three officially announced names mentioned above, a number of other stars are also rumored to have spent time with Kendall Jenner, including Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell and Kyle Kuzma. However, those rumors are unfounded and the owner, Kendall Jenner, has also denied being linked to the three stars mentioned above.

NBA fans all hope that no other player in the NBA will be affected by the Kardashian curse

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