Indulge Your Senses: Elevate Your Mood with 20 Irresistible ‘Pic and Mix’ Manicures!

Elegant nail designs such as gray, nude, and olive green … have occupied waves for too long, now it’s time for colorful nail designs again. There are two perfect reasons for this comeback, the first is the “pick and mix” trend and the second is Summer!

If you’ve been at home for too long, have a few paint colors on hand and a few hours to spare, why not try these “pick and mix” nail styles now to up your mood?


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Why choose only one when you can choose many? With one-color fingernails, it’s easy for you to mix and match, and by the way, it’s on this year’s fashion list.


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The typical motifs of summer are always tropical fruits – the motifs are colorful and create a cool and refreshing feeling. So why don’t we apply them to pretty fingers that are both outstanding and very on-topic? If you are not too skillful, some simple choices like orange, strawberry, or watermelon will not make it difficult for you.


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Laughter is a contagious element and has the ability to induce positive emotions. Chances are, these fun nail designs will not only make your hands more beautiful but also light up the spirit and other small joys.


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The cute little flower motifs are the perfect choice for girls who love sweet and cute things.


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Some nail sticker ideas such as rainbow, unicorn, heart, star, and emoji, … are simple but also very attractive on hand.

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Abstract nails with abstract lines like drawing your own mood lately. As a trip upstream of memory, the abstract is characterized by swirls, dots, and colors of the 1960s and 1970s.


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Each finger is carefully decorated, and every detail is very pleasing to the eye that will match your colorful outfits.


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Paint different colors and enjoy the mix&match effects!


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You can also choose to apply color at the tips of your nails for a more elegant feeling.


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The combination of Y2K heart nails with funny Powerpuff Girl drawings. It brings a new breath to retro beauty lovers.


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The typical color palette of this era is green and blue, black and white, yellow and white, pink and purple, yellow and orange… This nail design is also made up of square shapes, and beautiful scribbles. irregular polka dots.


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Add on some stickers with rainbow background will definitely shine your day!


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If the above nail designs focus on impressive colors, Top & Bottom nails are more restrained. This is the perfect style for lovers of minimalism, with subtle color accents.


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Be a gentle girl with little flowers!


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In addition to smiley face nail designs, you can also be more creative with funny motifs.


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When wearing them, you easily create the impression of an elegant but equally playful aesthetic.


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Each nail has an unique image to stand out among the crowd.

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Clouds and flowers are also a good suggestion!


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Play with dolka dots, tiny colorful flowers and different amazing lines.


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