Flawless Beauty: Sharapova’s Doll Unveils Untouched Elegance, Regret Lingers Amidst Injury

Maria Sharapova has just returned to sports, competing in a friendly match of Pickleball. The radiance of the former Russian tennis player still makes fans interested.

In the new sport Pickleball Slam 2, Maria Sharapova teams with John McEnroe and James Blake. This trio faces off against the legendary husband and wife team of Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi and Jack Sock. This tournament aims to promote Pickleball, a new and relatively interesting sport.



Sharapova competes in the new sport Pickleball

This is a sport that combines tennis and table tennis. The court and rules are similar to tennis but a bit smaller, and the rackets and balls are like table tennis but larger in size. Unfortunately, “Masha’s” team lost and missed the opportunity to win a prize of up to 1 million USD.

What interests the fans most of all is the beauty of the tennis beauty. At the age of 36, “Russian Doll” still maintains the standard figure of a professional athlete even though she has been retired for nearly 4 years.

Sharapova’s delicate facial features and relieved smile make those who love her even more captivated. “Masha’s” life since retiring has been extremely fulfilling. During that time, the former tennis player who conquered the Grand Slam five times gave birth to a child with British businessman Alexander Gilkes. In addition, Sharapova is also successful in her business career.

On her personal Instagram page, the beauty born in 1987 shared a very special moment. That was “Masha’s” serve on clay court with a rather strange position. “This image just appeared on my phone and my shoulder twitched,” Sharapova shared on her Instagram Story.


Sharapova shared photos on Instagram

During her peak performance, Sharapova possessed a “thunderous” serve. Unfortunately, in 2008, the former Russian tennis player suffered a serious shoulder injury. And there was a time when it seemed like her career would stop right from that moment.

Coach Michael Joyce started working with Sharapova in 2004 and helped her conquer the first 3 Grand Slams before ending their relationship in 2011. In 2020, he shared with Stats Performance that it was an injury. the worst he encountered in his coaching career.

Michael Joyce asserted that: “The mere fact that Sharapova was able to return from shoulder surgery in 2008 was a victory.” After returning, her serves lost their power. Therefore, Sharapova was not able to reach the level that everyone expected.

Remember, at just 20 years old Sharapova has won 3 Grand Slams, and it is predicted that she can conquer more than 10 major titles. In the end, Sharapova only won 2 more Grand Slams after that. Therefore, to this day there are still many fans of “Masha” who regret that injury.

* Some recent pictures of Maria Sharapova:










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