Extraordinary Two-Headed Turtle: A Remarkable Tale of Mutation and a Beautiful Conclusion to the Resilient Life of a ‘Mutant Species’

Recently, a strange green turtle with two heads was found on Lang Tengah island in Malaysia.


Specifically, a volunteer while participating in the Tengah Lang Turtle Conservation Project at Tanjong Jara Resort accidentally discovered a strange turtle. She initially encountered it with its head in its shell. When two heads popped out of their shells at the same time, the volunteer fell back and panicked. Although the turtle is small, it still moves quite well to find food. It can be seen that it is trying to survive. In addition, she also discovered its nest nearby with 110 eggs. Upon checking, the volunteer group discovered that 89 babies had hatched.

The turtle was brought back to the base by a volunteer group to hand over to the animal conservation center. Everyone was surprised by the mutant turtle and its miraculous ability to survive. Because most newly born animals with mutations usually die soon after. Furthermore, in fact most two-headed animals are recorded to have short lifespans compared to normal.

The volunteer said that because they did not have enough equipment and expertise to care for the turtle, they handed over the marine reptile to the Turtle Conservation and Information Center in Rantau Abang.

Mr. Sharum Yusof, Director of Rantau Abang Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), said that the turtles with normal bodies were released into the sea, but this two-headed mutant green turtle was given to experts. conservation in the care of the director of the Rantau Abang Fisheries Research Institute (FRI).

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