Explore 20 Hyper-Realistic Artistic Grass Tattoo Designs – Nature-Inspired Ink Masterpieces

Botanical tattoos are one of the relatively new but rapidly growing trends in modern tattooing. By this style, of course, we do not mean all the images of plants that are found in almost any style of tattoo, but about a clearly defined direction, which is preferred by more and more tattoo fans around the world.

Татуировка с лилией на животе для девушки

We are talking about realistic images of flora, reminiscent of a herbarium, or even illustrations from the pages of botanical literature. These light and romantic tattoos, covering all representatives of the plant kingdom, have become the calling card of the guest of this interview – Elena Fedchenko. The tattoo artist has been specializing in this elegant style for many years, which is chosen by more and more people, inspired by nature, its shapes and colors.

Elena will talk about how such tattoos are created, how she works with clients’ ideas, and of course, about her creative path and plans for the future. So, let’s go!

Ботанические татуировки в Москве

Ботаника в татуировке

I painted a lot with watercolors, I have so many folders with sketches. Now flowers are my calling card. At first, I liked doing small-scale projects in the spirit of Korean artists. Then I gradually found my own: when plants emphasize the lines of the body by shape and size. I can do it freehand.

Тату с цветами на ногах

Тату-мастер ботаника в Москве

Ботаническая татуировка на плече

Татуировка ириса на руке

Ботаническая татуировка на руке в Москве мастер

Гранат ботанические татуировки в Москве

Реалистичная татуировка ириса

Ботанические тату мастер в Москве

Regarding conventions: I participated in the Moscow convention several years ago and now I come there just as a guest. I do not support the format of their holding (small boxes are embarrassing, it is hard for me to work in such a space), and a limited number of nominations, which does not change over the years, although new styles and young artists appear. I have an invitation to the New York tattoo convention, I don’t know if I can get there this year.

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